What happens if your Luggage is Overweight? – Will you be able to board a Airplane?

What if you check in at the airport and find out that your luggage is overweight? Youโ€™ll have to pay extra fees to get your bags cleared.

One of the biggest concerns for passengers is keeping lightweight luggage that can easily clear the airportโ€™s check-in.

A few airlines are lenient with the bag’s weight, but most airlines charge an excess baggage fee if your checked luggage is overweight.

Depending on the airlineโ€™s policies and the excess weight you carry in your bags, the airline can charge you from $25 to over $100 for each bag.

So to keep yourself safe from such a surprise, you can either call the airport before arriving to see the available options for baggage fees or try to pack only the essential items in the acceptable weight range.

How much does it cost if your luggage is overweight?

How much will it cost if my luggage is overweight? A question that arises in the mind of many first-timers.

To give a simple answer, it depends on the excess weight and policy of the airline.

A few airlines charge $25 for 5lbs of extra weight compared to the $75 charged by big airlines or even more.

You can check your airline’s policies online to check the weight allowed per person and pack your items according to them. Always remember, the fee is charged for each overweight or extra bag.

How do I know if my Luggage is too heavy?

To check if your luggage or duffel bags are overweight, weigh your bags on a scale to measure if they are in the weight range acceptable by the airline.

Usually, a weight of over 50lbs is considered excessive by some airlines, but it also depends on the weight policies or different airlines, classes, and destinations.

How to avoid excess baggage fees and keep your luggage lightweight?

To make things easier for you, we have listed a few things down below to help you save yourself from the hefty baggage fees.

Buy a Luggage Scale

One of the best things you can do is buy a luggage scale to keep track of the weight inside your bag. Sometimes the airlineโ€™s weighing scales donโ€™t work properly, and at that moment, this handheld scale will save you from the unnecessary luggage fee.

Donโ€™t overload your baggage

If you arrive at the airport with overloaded baggage, you are likely to be stopped and weighed. To save yourself from such a hustle, try smart packing your essentials inside the bag as if they donโ€™t seem overloaded, and you might pass the baggage weighing due to the lightweight feel of your luggage.

If you donโ€™t have a hand carry to put the excess stuff, buy a plastic bag from the airport shop and consider putting the extra items in it as passengers are also allowed to carry two handbags (Varies for different airlines).

Ask your Airline before arriving at the airport

What if you need to carry that extra weight with you? In that case, contact the airline at least one hour before you arrive. These airlines offer many options, even more than you can imagine.

One benefit you will have with this is that the staff is usually very helpful and you will surely be able to save those few extra bucks. So make sure to contact your airline before you arrive to know your options beforehand.

Combine your Luggage

Usually, when traveling with family or friends, the passengers are allowed to combine the acceptable luggage weight according to the passengers.

It means if you are allowed 50 lbs, and your spouse is also allowed 50lbs, you can both carry 100lbs combined, making it far easier to carry all the essentials while traveling. But make sure to check your airline policies as a few airlines do not allow combining baggage with another passenger.

Be Polite

There are a lot of airport employees that might let you pass even if you have excess weight in your bags. But try to be polite and donโ€™t make a fuss, or you might lose the opportunity of easily boarding the plane with that excessive weight without paying any extra fees.

Buy a Lightweight Bag

Did you know the bags made from the latest high-tech materials weigh less than 10 pounds? Yes, you heard it right.
If you want to lower the weight of your bag, consider spending a few extra bucks and buy a bag made of high-tech ballistic nylon and polycarbonate, which weighs less than 10 pounds.

In this way, your bag will take up less weight, and you will be able to fit more useful items inside the bag to carry on your family vacation or a short business trip.

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