How To Replace Luggage Wheels Riveted

If you are a frequent traveler, whether as an entrepreneur or an enthusiast, you must be wondering about traveling at a fast pace, isn’t it? Probably yes when having high-quality wheels.

Haven’t you seen how the airport is busy, and people are rushing to reach their destinations? To achieve this, you have to transport the luggage comfortably.

Suppose you have high-quality luggage with plenty of life. But the wheels might need replacing, then? Do you wonder about the benefits of replacing the wheel rather than buying completely new luggage?

How To Replace Luggage Wheels Riveted

Do you come across a stiff suitcase wheel, or do you want to achieve a spinner wheel replacement? In both cases, itโ€™s quite necessary to know the full-fledged procedure. To control the luggage properly while making sure that it moves at a constant speed without bumping here and there, replacing the wheels is really necessary, trust me. We have got you covered with our detailed guide to help you get the maximum out of it.

How To Replace Luggage Wheels Riveted?

Are you aware of how the luggage wheel rivets?  Probably not, so you have landed on the right spot. Letโ€™s get right in to see how wheels are replaced accurately.

Ready the luggage for replacement

  • Clean the wheels accurately before replacing them. Do you know why? That’s because wheels lack effective working when incorporated with dirt.
  • Clean it using a damp cloth, or you can wash the wheels to make a clean surface.
  • Turn the suitcase upside down and place it on a flat surface. Basically, choose the surface on which it lies evenly.
  • Check whether the luggage is riveted or screwed. Suitcase wheels rivets through the center and they need accurate replacement.
  • Purchasing the wheel of the same brand and same size s crucial for effective replacement. Got it!

Replace The Screwed Luggage wheels

Firstly unscrew the screws keeping the luggage in place. Use a screwdriver to ensure effective unscrewing, and if any screws are undamaged, set them aside. Push the clip and secure the wheel effectively to the suitcase. This metal is the only thing keeping the wheel attached to the luggage. Pull the pins and place them aside.

Remove your old wheel with a new wheel, and make sure to test the placement. You can screw it effectively in the luggage. Lastly, screw the wheel reliably in place. After that, slide the clip to secure them in place as it will only work. But wait! If wheels feel wobbly, try to tighten them securely.

Replace the riveted wheels

Riveted wheels are quite difficult to replace as compared to other wheels. Have you seen the samsonite wheels riveted on? Or are you planning to replace the wheels effectively?

  • Firstly put some ear protection along with safety goggles. These wheels need a hacksaw to replace durably.
  • But guess what? Before you plan to handle a hacksaw, put on safety goggles, so eyes are protected. Put on earplugs if you have sensitive ears.
  • Saw it fully inside the luggage rivet while using a reliable hacksaw. Slice it through the end and use a screwdriver to pull the rivet apart and the bearing, which keeps the wheel in place.
  • Remove the wheel with a new durable wheel and then discard the old wheel.
  • Install the new wheel
  • Place your old bearings and plugs into the new wheel.
  • Insert the new wheel into your luggage
  • Ensure to tighten the nuts to keep the new wheel in place
  • Test the new luggage wheel
  • If the luggage is wobbly, make sure you have tightened the nuts. The wheels may be of the wrong size if the wheel is not moving as desired.

Remove luggage wheel rivets

Quite simply, it seems challenging to remove luggage wheel rivets, isn’t it? Do you have to be careful about lots of things, right? Well, what you have to do? How to make it happen flawlessly? Here’s a guide!

Having the right tools!

If you want to replace the wheels on luggage, one of the critical things you need is the right tools. It is quite necessary to accomplish something perfectly.

And you know what? A riveted wheel is more difficult to remove than a screwed wheel; therefore, you need the right tools. A hacksaw, screwdriver, and goggles are a need.

Get a flat surface

It is a crucial thing to keep in mind. It is a fiddly task, so you have to make sure it’s a flat surface on which you are working. Getting a concrete floor or a bench will be ideal for achieving this goal.

Buy adjustable replacements

When you plan to remove old wheels, it is necessary to make sure that you get the right suitable replacements. Isn’t that crucial? Ensure to buy the replacements of the same size and model as they offer the right rivets. When buying faulty and nonadjustable parts, you cannot rotate them as you desire.

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