How To Measure Carry-on Luggage – Measurement Tips

With many airlines charging for the checked bag, traveling along with carry-on luggage is the most valuable skill for many flyers and you know what? No schmoozing will enable the overweight suitcase to fit according to the bag sizer at the airport perfectly.

What’s more? If your carry-on bag doesn’t occupy the sizer completely, you won’t be allowed to travel with it, and this is something no one desires. Before setting hope for a fee-free flight, plan a bit and wait for a minute to measure the carry-on luggage before leaving home.

How To Measure Carry-on Luggage

It is always smart to plan and check whether the luggage meets the airline’s requirements. Moreover, our detailed guide will help you how to measure carry-on luggage so you may get the preferable traveling adventure.

Airlines Offer a Fixed Size

Basically, across various, you will find standardized size limits for the entire checked luggage. But is it applicable for carry-on too? Here’s a big NO! There is a great variation in size regulations among carry-on luggage. Now, what do you have to do? How will you make the right decision?

You should always check the respective airline’s website to get the most precise sizing details. Most airlines only allow the passenger to take one carry-on bag. What’s the result, by the way? That one bag needs a complete measurement of 15 to 16 inches across, 22 inches high, and at least 9 inches deep. Keep in mind to get the most accessible luggage.

Measuring The Carry-On Luggage Step-To-Step Guide: 

Let us take a closer look! You have to perform the task better yourself. No matter if the process is long, the only thing you require is the necessary knowledge to make it work. But guess what? We have got your back with our detailed step-by-step guide. Follow it up and make maximum benefit!

Check-in detail the airline needs Different airlines offers several luggage limits. Whether you want a carry-on or checked luggage, go for checking the requirements airlines provide. What’s more? You will find the complete information on the airline’s website.

Are you confused about where you will find it? You can probably find this information under the frequently asked questions section.  Here is something you need to know! The website features the most upgraded information regarding the rules and regulations.

Don’t Forget To Check The Bag Extensions

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or not, your bag size carries more incredible importance than you imagine. A few bags feature a tiny zipper over the edge, isn’t it? And this zipper cannot open, forming a new section.

The only thing it causes is to end up extending the bag. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, it is! If you plan to buy any hardside luggage sets with this extension, please be sure to measure the bag when it is totally extended and unzipped.

Ensure Double-Checking Measurements Retailers Provide

Lots of luggage retailers are well-known for advertising their bags as the best carry-on compliant. they may conclude their carry-on size is best to meet the maximum airline limit. But are they true? Is it even possible?

Let us dig a little deeper! Before packing your carry-on and even before taking it on the flight, you should always measure the bag size- probably because retailers don’t have precise information all time. What’s the catch here? That can help you not get into any problems during the boarding process at the airport. Sounds impressive, right?

Measure When It’s Packed

There is a greater chance that empty carry-on luggage will entirely fit within several airlines’ provided requirements. Unfortunately, when you add all crucial travel-related gear to your carry-on bag, it will automatically change the whole dimensions. Pack everything you need and then take a measurement again to know whether the luggage meets the requirements or not.

Always Compare Checked and Carry-On Luggage Measurements

Honestly, never forget to compare the carry-on bag measurements with the checked luggage. Make sure you know how to do it and get a premium yet convenient traveling experience.

Bag Size Measurement

There is a high need to measure every dimension individually. Keep in mind you will measure every dimension at the optimal point.

Suppose the carry-on bag is tapered up and down for stability; you can measure it from side points and determine the width.

Consider this as an essential aspect! Whenever the exterior pockets bulge on your carry-on’s front, you can measure its widest part while determining the depth.

How To Measure Luggage At Home?

Here we will help you to measure the carry-on luggage at home. You might be thinking about how to achieve it? Or what will be the most accessible way to go with it? Suppose your carry-on bag is in front of you and you are thinking of measuring it. Consider this when measuring it!

  • Measure depth from front to back
  • Height from top and bottom
  • Width from left to right

But wait! Wait! How will you do it reliably? It’s effortless as you only need tape to measure all these to check your bag size.

How To Measure Luggage Weight?

Despite having strict size regulations, luggage also constitutes some weight restrictions that need to be encountered accurately. Let us show you this way! Always measure luggage weight before you go to the airport.

Make sure that your luggage doesn’t exceed the limit provided by airlines. Imagine for a moment you forget to measure your weight, and at the airport, you are charged excessively with the need to remove stuff from your bag. What can be worse than this, isn’t it?

Well, you have to consider this, particularly during international flights. Want to know how will you measure weight? No need to worry as it is a really easy and quick process. Get a handheld luggage scale to measure the carry-on luggage. Follow these steps to measure accurately

  • Strap the handheld scale on the carry-on handle
  • Pick the carry-on bag by using that scale
  • Let it sag for a few seconds
  • A handheld scale will automatically display the weight

Found it interesting? YES! It is accessible, and there is no doubt about it. Many airlines feature really strict limits, and they can’t bear to allow overweight items to pass through while boarding. You have to be really careful here. It’s not only the one time you have to pay a high price at the airport, but you will also need to pay the same amount on the return flight.

Frustrating, right? I know what you are thinking, right? How much do you have to pay for an overweight bag? Generally, overweight luggage will cost you an extra amount of $200 to $300.

Do You Include Wheels When Measuring Luggage?

People frequently ask, are there wheels included when measuring the luggage? Basically, it depends on who is measuring the bag size. Luggage manufacturers know when you have to buy spacious and massive luggage. In other words, they will ignore adding wheels and handles when measuring the bag and you know what?

They will advertise the luggage as an ideal carry-on bag to fulfill all your airline limits. But what happens next? The handles and wheels may show later on that they are oversized for many airlines.

Why do they do this? The reason is that there is a lack of an official and restricted luggage size. All airlines feature different limits, and that is where the manufacturers have deniability.

Put it this way! Many airlines include handles and wheels while measuring the bag size. Carry-on bags are always measured along with handles, wheels, and all other protruding suitcase parts. To conclude this, never trust the manufacturer’s advertisement for luggage measurements. That’s why tape measure is crucial, and you can’t rely on the manufacturer’s advice only.

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