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Best Way to Pack Clothes For Moving – Tips & Hacks

Does it ever happen that your backpack or luggage starts teeming when you have a stack of clothes still left? Probably, that’s because you might have flung your clothes roughly that had taken a lot more space than it was supposed to. Running out of space is one of the major problems travelers face while packing their essentials. If you’re one of them, you’re not an exception.

Best Way to Pack Clothes For Moving

There might be any best way to pack clothes for moving – a step-by-step approach that can save you from these frustrating luggage-packing issues, and you certainly need to know it. Everything requires a specific packing strategy, from hanging clothes and intricate pieces to your shoes and accessories, isn’t it? YES, that’s right!

This all-in-one guide includes the most fundamental moving tips and how to pack clothes when moving. Interesting, isn’t it? Moreover, all packing methods are mentioned for your ease. Follow up on this excellent guide to get the most accessible advice on how to move clothes conveniently. Keep reading!

Best Way To Pack a Suitcase To Maximize Space

Using luggage sets or suitcases are an essential way to move your clothes wherever you want. Sounds familiar? Well, there are lots of benefits of using bags when moving clothes. Are you planning to kill two birds using one stone?

Then nothing can be more appropriate than packing clothes in suitcases. Look at it this way! If you have to move to a new place with your family there must be a need for different checked luggage, right? Everyone desires their suitcase when moving.

 Now, what you can do first? Consider getting some best luggage sets for families and carry-on luggage. Trust us; it will help you a lot. Buying them will fulfill everyone’s needs, and a carry-on will help you move all your morning and night essentials. Notable, isn’t it? YES! You heard that right!

Here is our guide to packing clothes accessible in your suitcases.

Make sure you follow it completely!

  • Do you have hard shell luggage? Then what can you do? Take our recommendation on it. Line the luggage using some other raincoats or packing papers.
  • Thinking why? The reason is that they will protect your essential from any external water damage.
  • Now it’s time to pack the clothes. We have already discussed some best ways to pack clothes for moving.
  • You can use any method to pack the clothes that will save space in your luggage. Have you heard about the packing cubes?
  • These are fabric bags allowing you to fit lots of clothes in limited space, thus maximizing the overall length. Therefore it makes luggage packing more efficient.
  • Make sure to place the non-essential things at the bottom, whether they are shoes or extra clothes.
  • The essential items like changing clothes, pajamas, chargers, and other things need to be at the top of the luggage for practical use.
  • Placing an extra bag inside the luggage is a need, trust me. A foldable hamper or a durable bag is crucial for putting dirty clothes.
  • It is somehow the most important way of packing clothes in your luggage when moving either by yourself or with your family.

Sorting the clothes

Once you are done gathering supplies and strategizing several packing options, now what do you have to do? Let’s dig a little deeper! Here you have to sort out the clothes before moving them. And you know what? Sorting clothes is the best way to keep things organized during your move. Consider these four categories when sorting out your clothes.

Consider Material

Surprisingly enough, your clothes differ in materials, isn’t it? So the primary way is to sort out them concerning their material. Suppose wool clothes, denim, linen, cotton, and much more categories to keep things organized during traveling.

Take a look at the season.

The season is undoubtedly the most necessary thing you have to keep in mind when searching for the best way to pack clothes for moving. And guess what? There is no clutter later on after you return. If it’s a winter move, there is only a need to unpack the winter clothes and store the suitcases’ summer clothes for better functioning.

Don’t forget to sort out concerning pieces

Do you desire to pack clothes by item? If yes, try to sort those regarding pieces. Trust me; it is a sustainable way, no doubt. Do you know what it means? Let us show you how! You can pack shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts, pants with pants, etc. What’s the result? After you have moved, this will make it easier for you to find specific clothing items and make the unpacking process completely effective.

Separate things for every person

Are you planning to move with your family? Here is what you have to do. Keeping everyone’s closets separate is crucial. I know what you are thinking, right? Each person in the family must have their suitcases labeled along with the supplies. Therefore it makes unpacking easier for all of them.

How To Fold Clothes To Save Space In The Luggage

Always pack clothes to save space! But why? Is it necessary? What is the benefit of doing so? Hold on! There is no need to get confused as we will tell you the most accessible ways to save space in your luggage when moving. You cannot take the clothes hanging, isn’t it? You will need to fold those clothes to get a better moving experience. But how will you do that?

There are various methods and strategies to choose when you are folding clothes for moving. Sounds good? Well, these methods are more effective than any other and will help you to maximize the space. The last decision will be yours but believe it or not; these three methods are worth considering.

Try Flat Folding

This method’s simple truth is the most traditional and easiest way to fold clothes when moving and ultimately maximize the space in your luggage. Let’s take a closer look at how it is done!

  • Using this method, you can fold a shirt by lying the face down on a flat surface.
  • Fold the shirt’s side and sleeve corresponding to the middle of your shirt.
  • Place it down to remove any wrinkles.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side
  • Then fold the shirt bottom in an upward direction and remove any wrinkles.
  • You can fold the pants by considering one leg on the other one.

Consider the Military Roll Method

People are all-time confused to find the best way to pack a suitcase to maximize space, isn’t it? Well, it sounds impressive too. Here this method is undoubtedly the most popular way to fold clothes when moving. What’s the benefit? The method will save space in the luggage, but it will also prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled as they get sometimes do. Consider this process!

  • Place the shirt on a hard surface.
  • Flip the bottom of the shirt inside out
  • Then fold the sleeves of your shirt towards the inside.
  • Fold the shirt half so it can touch the middle.
  • Consider the other side of the shirt and roll it over the first one.
  • From the top, start rolling the shirt down and make sure you are rolling it tightly.
  • Please take out the pouch from the rolled shirt and fold it over the shirt.
  • It will keep the shirt in place when moving.

Konmari method 

This method is maybe a bit difficult for some people. Here you have to use the organizer’s methods to fold your clothes so they can take up less space in your luggage.

How To Move Hanging Clothes

Quite simply, you must be having many hanging clothes in your closet.  People have almost two hanging racks in their wardrobes, from dress pants to evening dresses and dress shirts to blouses. Whether you pack clothes for moving overseas or not, you have to be really careful when moving the hanging clothes. Proper strategies can make the entire process worth it.

Let’s dive in to see the most accessible yet simplest ways to move the hanging clothes.

  • Using a clothing rack will help you a lot. Seriously these are the easiest to assemble ways you can consider.
  • What you have to do is to order a compact rack as it will help maximize the space. And guess what? Many portable shelves feature wheels for moving smoothly.
  • Using garment bags will help protect the clothes. The reason is when moving clothes; there are more chances of the dresses getting damaged or dirty.
  • If you prefer protecting clothes, use garment bags as they are cheap and readily available.
  • Wardrobe boxes are also an option to consider when packing clothes. They are a bit more expensive than other garment bags but are designed to move your hanging clothes.
  • The hanger bar is reliable to hang the clothes efficiently and protect them from various elements.
  • Are you searching for a cost-effective way to move your hanging clothes? No worries, we have got your back with our excellent idea.
  • You can plan to use drawstring bags as they are extensive and budget-friendly to move your hanging clothes.
  • When you pack the clothes inside a drawstring bag, make sure to tie and secure all the hooks together outside the trash bag.
  • Moreover, always tie the hanger hooks at the bottom of the bag with a string or a rubber band. Sounds impressive, right?
  • What to do next? Well, to keep all things together, try to tie the drawstrings over the top.

Best Way To Pack Shoes For Moving

Whether you plan to move internationally or not, you will always have more shoes in your closet than you imagine. Think of what to pack first when moving? Let us tell you something in detail! Moving shoes is quite daunting when you are not prepared, trust me. The entire process can make your luggage heavy too.

Well, no need to worry, we have got you covered with our best tips to pack shoes when moving. The useful tips include: Do you have shoe boxes in your wardrobe? What you can do is pack shoes in their original boxes.

  • Moreover, reusing the boxes is undoubtedly the most obvious way to pack your shoes from heels to sneakers and slippers to sandals.
  • If you prefer keeping the boxes closed during the move, use a massive rubber band to tie them up, making them safe from the top to the bottom.
  • If you don’t have the boxes, then? Don’t worry; you will find plastic boxes at any nearby store.
  • Are the boxes necessary? Here’s a big YES! Boxes will prevent the shoes from getting damaged during the move.
  • And probably you can reuse them easily after the move when you desire to store and organize them in your closet.
  • But wait! If you don’t get the shoeboxes, here’s the alternative. Consider getting shoe bags. See the difference?
  • Shoe bags are incredibly convenient to travel with and keep your shoes protect to a much greater extent- thanks to their effortless drawstrings.
  • You plan to pack shoes in a shoe bag or shoebox and always use packing paper to protect them. Yes, it’s true!
  • But you know what else? Here is something we recommend to you. Wrap one show in packing paper at a time.
  • Besides this, always stuff the shoe inside, so the shape is maintained while moving.
  • Have you seen the empty spaces left in the shoeboxes? Never leave them! Fill them with newspaper, dish rags, foam peanuts, and any other such thing.
  • Remarkably this can keep the shoes in a fixed place while moving, thus providing additional protection.
  • Rather than this, it will also prevent the shoes from getting scuffed in the boxes.

Final Verdict

Aren’t clothes the last thing we pack up when planning to move? Well, that’s true! But you know what? They require some crucial care than any other essentials. Despite being the most spacious one, there is never a lot of space in your luggage. Here saving space becomes necessary.

Whether you plan to pack carry-on luggage or luggage sets for your family, you must consider the best ways to pack clothes for moving. What’s the catch, by the way? Once you get to your destination, unpacking becomes much more comfortable, and the whole process goes smoothly.

But wait! Wait! It is only possible if you got time to pack the clothes correctly before moving. If not, you will get a cluster of clothes, and you will be unable to sort them out properly. Many times you return with additional luggage that you tend to take along with you.

Make sure to use all the folding and rolling methods properly and optimize the space in a significant way. We have done detailed research, and after taking experts’ advice, we came up with this notice-worthy guide on the ideal way to pack clothes for moving.

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