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Best Luggage Sets For International Travel – Pack Your Essentials For Abroad

Are you going abroad for your next business meeting, study, or there’s a much-anticipated vacation with your friends and family? Whatever the reason behind your travel, all you need is the best luggage sets for international travel. Yes! You read that right!

A vacation with the whole family is one of the most pleasant times of life. But trust me, choosing the best luggage set that can accumulate all your gatherings isn’t pleasant at all. The material, quality, pricing, color, style, and there’s a lot more to consider to get the best bang for the buck.

Buying an individual suitcase is absolutely fine when you’re traveling alone. The luggage sets come into play when you’re up for family hangouts. Not only can you save some extra dollars in getting the complete set, but also you can use an individual component.

We’ve mentioned some highly-rated affordable luggage sets that have got some serious strength to serve you well for your international travels. Let’s get right into it!

Best Luggage Sets For International Travel

The Best Luggage Sets For International Travel

Let’s just quickly pick!

Luggage Sets  Grades  
Samsonite Omni Hardshell 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Selling View Latest Price
Amazon Basics 3-Pcs Luggage Set Affordable & Durable View Latest Price
Samsonite Winfield Luggage Set Protective View Latest Price
COOLIFE 3-Pcs Luggage Set Good For Family View Latest Price
Travelpro Maxlite 3-Pcs Luggage Set Super Lightweight View Latest Price
American Tourister Fieldbrook 4-Pcs Luxurious View Latest Price
Ben Sherman Luggage Sets Marvelous Design View Latest Price
U.S. Traveler 4-Pcs Luggage Set Strong Construction View Latest Price
Kenneth Cole 3-Pcs Luggage Set Prime Compact View Latest Price
Travel Select 8-Pcs Luggage Set Optimum Capacious View Latest Price

Here we go! With our exclusive top ten picks in detail

1. Samsonite Omni Hardshell 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Samsonite had the traveler’s back with its latest Omni PC series which is exceptionally durable and sturdy. With the scratch-resistant polycarbonate construction, this 3-piece luggage suitcase for business travel will offer the same durability even when you’re using it for the 100th time.

The built-in TSA combination lock, mounted on the side, ensures that your valuables reach safely to destination –the most important thing. The multi-directional 360-degree rotary wheels run smoothly on any surface. Moreover, you get easy control over your suitcase –thanks to its multi-stage aluminum handle.

And you know what? There’s a meshed compartment inside to keep the little things organized and accessible. Plus, you can confidently place your tech equipment and get them out the same way. Samsonite luggage sets come in various dimensions.

Luggage 20″ (19″H x 14.5″W)6.81lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 17.5″W)8.34lbs
Luggage 28″ (28.5″H x 20.5W)10.35lbs
High-Quality TSA Locks
Scratch-Protector Material
Exclusive Wheels
10 Year Warranty
Product Pros
  • Compact exteriornNever-ending durabilitynEndures harshest conditionsnGreat price for three casesnTop-Grade TSA Locks
Product Cons
  • Lacks outer compartmentsnModerate quality zippers

2. Amazon Basics 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Getting inexpensive luggage sets is more than a treat, especially when coupled up with durability. Despite being cost-efficient, the Amazon Basics luggage set is a perfect depiction of the long-lasting quality – thanks to its extra-thick ABS construction.

The most interesting thing! There’s a 150D-polyester organizer that divides the main compartment into two – hence the better organization. Plus, you get three small zippered pockets inside to sort some tiny travel essentials out. Besides all these perks, the expandable construction allows 15% more capacity to fit the maximum things.

You get smooth-rolling mobility and a balanced ride with four double-spinner wheels. You get access to three capacities, 39-liters, 69-liters, and 105-liters. There’s a smooth, easy-going handle that offers a secure and firm grip despite being a little clumsy. If protection isn’t your top priority, Amazon Basics is good to go with because it lacks a proper locking system.

Luggage 21″ (29 liters)7.34lbs
Luggage 26″ (69 liters)9.63lbs
Luggage 30″ (105 liters)12.21lbs
Offered 21, 26, and 30-inches Luggage set
Special ABS Hardshell  
150D-Polyester Construction
Effortless Wheels
Product Pros
  • The internal zippers offer great practicalitynLightweight materialnUnparalleled sturdinessnPerfect for outdoor tripsnComes with Hardshell stuff
Product Cons
  • No TSA-approved locknRough handling grip

3. Samsonite Winfield Luggage Set

Samsonite, a renowned name in the traveling world, is once again here with the best version of protection, the Winfield 2 series. We have never seen such a level of protection before –thanks to the Samsonite’s TSA side-mounted lock. Protection becomes quite more important when you’re up for international travels. So all your valuables are entirely safe from thefts.

Let’s dig a little deeper! Being exceptionally durable on one side and lightweight on others, the scratch-resistant polycarbonate construction makes it withstand even the harshest conditions. There’s an aesthetical finishing with an elegant brushed pattern on the exterior.

It comes in three functional capacities: 6.7lbs, 9.3lbs, and 10.5lbs. The push-button, smoothly-gripped handle, internal meshed compartments for the great organization, and multi-directional spinning wheels make it stand in our top picks.

Luggage 20″ (20″H x 13.5″W)6.7lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 16.5″W)9.3lbs
Luggage 28″ (28″H x 19″W)11.5lbs
Hight-Quality TSA Locks
Smooth Rolling Wheels
Scratch-Resistant Texture
100% Lightweight Experience
Product Pros
  • Overall lightweight constructionnThe next level of protectionnPractical designnGood value for moneyn10 year warranty
Product Cons
  • Wheels are tiny to balance bulkinessnDoesn’t acceptable for some airlines

4. COOLIFE 3-Pcs Luggage Set

The king of sturdiness, COOLIFE, is now in line with its Hardshell 3-Pcs Luggage set that’s exceptionally strong and durable –thanks to its high-end ABS construction. The dent-free exterior keeps your belongings in place and protects them from all external conditions.

If you’re looking for exquisite luggage sets for business travel, COOLIFE’s internal meshed compartments, ergonomic design, and aesthetical construction come right here for you. And you know what? This luggage set comes with a TSA combination lock for enhanced security to come at par with its competitors

Let’s talk about the wheels and handle – because that matters too! The multi-directional 360-degree smooth and silent wheels come right into play when you land this bag on the floor. Plus, you get a great grip and control by the rugged push-button handle.

What are the luggage set’s dimensions?

Luggage 20″ (22.5″H x 15.5″W)6.3lbs
Luggage 24″ (26.5″H x 18.25″W)7.9lbs
Luggage 28″ (30.25″H x 20.75″W)10lbs
Offered 21, 25, and 29-inches Luggage set
Premium TSA Lock
ABS Hardside Stuff
Smooth Spinner Wheels 
Product Pros
  • Classy and practical designnDent-free sturdy exteriornSpacious interiornPremium TSA locksnSoundless 360° wheels
Product Cons
  • The internal design could’ve been a little improvednTSA locks build quality are not so good

5. Travelpro Maxlite 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Having the lightest suitcase has its own charm, especially when you’re on a long vacation. That’s the case with Travelpro’s recent Maxlite 5 series. Despite being lightweight, it offers high tensile strength and durability – thanks to its polyester fabric and DuraGuard coating.

Travelpro has expressed its proficiency in the ergonomic design of this luggage set. There’s a large interior lid pocket and side accessory pocket to keep the valuables in place. And how can we forget Travelpro’s adjustable hold-down straps –they have to deal with flexibility.

Moreover, the unique bottom-ray design and advanced H2O guard make it one of the best luggage for a week-long business trip. Travelpro has introduced PowerScope Lite handle with a patented contour grip to roll the bag smoothly on the ground. The 360-degree spinner wheels add a little more to the smoothness.

Luggage 21″ (23″H x 15″W )5.4lbs 
Luggage 25″ (27″H x 18.5″W)7.3lbs
Luggage 29″ (31″H x 21″W)8.5lbs 
Available in 21, 25, and 29-inches Luggage set
Easy-Directional Wheels
 Top-Notch Construction
Stable Handling System 
Product Pros
  • Up to 50% lighternIntelligent designnClassy color optionsnFit for American airlinesnHuge capacityn
Product Cons
  • Quite expensivenIt’s pretty large for domestic or normal travels

6. American Tourister Fieldbrook 4-Pcs

No matter whether you’re alone on a business trip or on a family vacation, American Tourister Fieldbrook’s luggage got you covered. From two differently sized suitcases to an ergonomic design duffel and boarding bag, this 4-piece luggage set for family lets you roll on your journey in style.

The overall suitcase construction is exceptionally lightweight, durable, and long-lasting –thanks to its 600D shiny polyester construction. There’s the next level of comfort and tidiness because American Tourister has brought you multiple interior and exterior compartments to keep things organized. Astonishing! Isn’t it?

Moreover, adding a little bit to security, the locking push-button contoured handle fits snugly in your hand. The spinning wheels ensure noise-free rolling on all surfaces. Unluckily, there’s no TSA mounted lock in this series, but the ordinary lock serves the function well.

Travel Boarding Bag has (10″H x 15″W)0.83lbs
Duffel has (11.5″H x 23″W)2.66lbs
Luggage 21″ has (21″H x 14″W)5.5lbs
Luggage 25″ has (25″H x 16.5″W)7lbs
Available in 3,4 and 5 Piece Luggage Sets
600D Shiny Polyester Outside
Spinner Wheels 
10 Year Warranty
Product Pros
  • Best combinationnDust and stain-resistant exteriornUltra-lightweightn600D polyester structurenOrganized exterior pockets
Product Cons
  • No TSA-mounted locknThe luggage compartments are not too big

7. Ben Sherman Luggage Sets

This luggage set is one of the fastest-selling luggage sets in Ben Sherman’s latest luggage collection named ‘Nottingham. You can now gear up yourself for the next trip in both style and value – because it’s excellent luggage for travel abroad. Here’s a big thanks to its durable, dent, and tear-resistant ABS construction.

Ben Sherman has put a lot of effort into molding the ABS material in brilliant aesthetics. The exterior is textured, and corner guards add a little more to its style. The lined interior features a large U-shaped zipper to keep the clothes in position.

If a TSA combination lock isn’t all you need in your luggage set, then Ben Sherman’s Nottingham series has quite many perks for you. The multi-directional 360-degree wheels roll smoothly and relieve pressure from your arms.

Luggage 20″ (22.0â€H x 14.5â€W)8.9lbs
Luggage 24″ (27.0â€H X 17.5â€W)8.9lbs
Luggage 28″ (30.0â€H x 21.0â€W)10.35lbs
Available in 20, 24, and 28-inches Luggage set
Hardside ABS Exterior
Compactible Handle
4-Wheel Spinners
Product Pros
  • Spacious interiornRetractable sturdy lockingnOptimal impact protectionnABS exterior stuffnBest for US-based airlines
Product Cons
  • Quite priceynLacks internal hold-on strap

8. U.S. Traveler 4-Pcs Luggage Set – Best Construction

Here’s the latest iteration of the U.S. Traveler luggage series, the New Yorker 4-pcs Luggage set featuring a shiny dobby fabrication – thanks to its PVC backing. The construction is smart enough with a front EVA-foamed panel to give it a sleek, tailored look. This 4-pcs luggage set includes three business travel bags with wheels and a tote.

Two wheels per suitcase offer great, smooth-rolling – but the balance isn’t guaranteed; you’ve to manage it well. And you know what adds a little more to balance? The push-button easy-gliding handle system!

There are several meshed and fabricated pockets inside to keep the interior mess-free. It looks compact outside, but trust it expands 25X more to accumulate more. The dimensions are not given but you can go and check the future updating of these luggage sets.

Available in 3 and 4 Piece family Luggage Sets
EVA Fashioning Material
High-Quality Spinner Wheels
Multiple Large Pockets
Product Pros
  • Additional strap on topnUSB charger includednOrganized interior structurenEVA front interiornPerfect for family travel
Product Cons
  • Limited balancenNo TSA locks appearance

9. Kenneth Cole 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Belonging to Kenneth Cole’s Out of Bound series, this luggage set is the perfect depiction of quality hidden in compactness. Despite having a compact exterior, the tear-resistant ABS material is molded into fully-lined, spacious interiors – thanks to Kenneth Cole’s smartness.

The lightweight construction will let you not exceed the airline’s limitations and extra fees. Plus, the zippers are self-repairing to give you peace of mind for longer. The multi-directional four-wheel spinners, along with a push-button retractable handle, ensure high-end stability and comfort.

There’s a main U-shaped zippered pocket inside that divides the interior into two main compartments. Moreover, the accessory pockets and garment restraint straps keep things organized – that’s what a traveler’s whim.

Measurements Weight
Luggage 20″ (21.75â€H x 14.0â€W)6.25lbs
Checked Luggage 24″ (26â€H x 18.5â€W)8.4lbs
Luggage 28″ (29.5â€H x 20.5â€W)9.6lbs
Available in 20, 24, and 28-inches Luggage Sets
360-Degree Wheels
Hardside ABS Stuff
Best For International Travelers
Product Pros
  • Compact and lightweightnTop and side handles for supportnWater and stain-resistant exteriornComes with ABS exteriors nTear-resistant power
Product Cons
  • Wheels may get cloggednLags in security

10. Travel Select 8-Pcs Luggage Set

Last but not least, the Travel Select Amsterdam luggage set is ideal for those who are planning a big family vacation. This deluxe luggage set includes three big suitcases, a duffel, a boarding bag, and variably sized pouches. That’s more than enough for the price you’re going to pay.

The superior two-tone fabrication finished with PVC backing makes the complete set withstand even the harshest outside conditions. With a lot of internal compartments, a gripped easy-gliding handle, and four multi-directional 360-degree wheels, it rivals its competitors well. Although there’s no TSA-mounted locking system, the ordinary lock tries to serve the function too.

Measurements Weight
Luggage 21″ (21″H x 13″W)7.7lbs
Luggage 25″ (25″H x 15″W)8.5lbs
Luggage 29″ (17″H X 10″W)9.5lbs
Available in 21, 25, and 29-inches Luggage Sets
Two-Tone Polyester Creation
PVC Supportive
100% Quality Push-Button Handle
Product Pros
  • Great value for moneynThe most capacious setnMultiple zippered pocketsnLuxurious PVC materialnProvides corner protectors
Product Cons
  • Lacks TSA locksnHandle should’ve been more gripped

The Ultimate Buying Guide – Best Luggage Sets for International Travel

When Steve Madden had the traveler’s back with its 4-pcs expandable luggage set, Samsonite marked its debut with the Winfield 2 series. At the same time, American Tourister stunned its users with its Fieldbrook II series. What to do when you have a bunch of high-end models in front of you?

Wait, wait! Don’t worry at all. We’re here with our detailed buying guide to make you one step closer to your purchase. Here are a few things you have to keep in mind before you get into a particular model.

Polycarbonate or Nylon? The material comes first!

Suitcases come in a variety of materials, but nylon and polycarbonate are the most common—polycarbonate, commonly known as ‘hardshell material,’ is exceptionally light in weight. The durability and strength of this material are unquestionable. If you’ve some fragile items to carry with you, we’d recommend going for polycarbonate or plastic material.

On the other hand, the much more familiar material, nylon, has to deal with flexibility and shock absorbance. The nylon luggage sets are even lighter than their polycarbonate counterparts. What’s the catch? It’s simple! Choose the material that suits best to your need. But make sure it’s waterproof, stain-resistant, and offers great resistance to wear and tear.

Hard-Sided Vs Soft-Sided – What to Choose?

Hard-sided luggage sets come with a stain-proof and waterproof exterior. Plus, most of them feature spinners and TSA-approved locks for enhanced protection. But wait, they are quite heavier than soft-sided and more prone to getting scuffed.

When it comes to flexibility, nothing can beat the standards of soft-sided bags. And you know what? They are more likely to squeeze into tight overhead compartments. By the way, the choice is yours!

The Capacity Matters Too!

Does that ever happen that you have to leave some of your essentials at home, probably because there was not enough space in your suitcase? If yes, then you have to be quite more vigilant while choosing the right size and capacity.

If you’re a big family, then we’d recommend going for 5-piece luggage sets. However, for 2-3 people, there are good 2-piece luggage sets options out in the market too.

Let’s Talk About The Construction!

If you want to keep your trip tidy and organized, then look for a bag with proper construction. Make sure there are a lot of little compartments and slots to fit your gatherings.

If you want quick access to your wallet or socks, the small pockets will serve you well. But, keep one thing in mind! The hard-sided bags don’t come with internal pockets; however, the soft-sided ones do.

How Much Can You Invest?

It’s a common saying that the more you invest, the better you get. We’d end up saying that the cost you’re going to invest in your luggage set will actually determine the quality of it. So be wise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage?

Airlines mostly recommend soft luggage because it’s quite light in weight. If you’re a savvy traveler and often remain traveling, we’d recommend you have a soft-sided suitcase. It will offer you a perfect balance of body and weight.

Which luggage is best for international travel?

The strength and durability of polycarbonate luggage sets are unrivaled when it comes to international travel. If you’re confused about getting the best one, then you can go with our recommendation -Samsonite Omni PC 3-Pcs Luggage Set. It’s best in all the ways.

How To Pack Luggage For International Travel?

As we know, when we go for international travel then some essentials things mandatory for travel. Today, I’m going to drop all the important stuff, Which will be necessary for the air traveling route.

Let’s quickly take a look at the packing tips:

Tip: Avoid overpacking

  • Clothes (Fold or press them for maximum space
  • Don’t forget your formal outfits
  • Casual & Formal Shoes
  • Pack your daily medicines
  • Daily life routine essentials
  • Favorite food and snacks
  • Always carry your smart accessories ( Power adapter, power bank, headphones)
  • If you are a book lover, then you should carry your favorites books

What is the lightest and most durable luggage?

Most of the soft-sided, ballistic nylon suitcases are the lightest in weight. And the perfect depiction of lightweight in our top picks is Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside 3-Pcs Luggage Set. Being the best lightweight luggage for international travel, it’s exceptionally sturdy and durable too.

Is hardside or soft luggage better for international travel?

The hard-sided luggage sets are best for international travel. They offer the next level of protection due to robust and secure construction. The polycarbonate hard shell material is the most durable of all, while the ABS is the lightest of all.

Final Verdict

Travel becomes even more pleasant and memorable when you have got a great traveling partner –the best suitcase. And there you have the best luggage sets for international travel. We’ve already filtered the best ones; choosing anyone will for sure make your journey remarkable.

In the end, we’d love to proclaim the overall winner of the round –our top pick. The Samsonite Omni PC 3-Pcs Luggage Set promises you exceptional durability, quality, and design. Don’t think about it, just get it.

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