Best Luggage Sets For Families – Cover Your Family Essentials

Family traveling is assuredly a gratifying experience that takes the whole family to the newest places while opening vistas for their personal growth. But this experience offers several logistic provocations, by the way! The most probable of which is handling the entire luggage, isn’t it?

While traveling, you will need to carry extra luggage, keep track of it, and most importantly, keep it safe and secure. That is where the need for durable, well-constructed, and full-featured cheapest luggage for family travel can back you up.

From a carry-on to a check-in bag, as well as including an additional bag set for accessories, laptops, or garments along with a diverse size range, we have got you covered with our exclusive ten picks. Moreover, our detailed guide will help you choose the best luggage for you and your family while ensuring the luggage set you are buying is a worthy investment.

Best Luggage For Family Travel

So let’s take a closer look at our top 10 picks!

Best Luggage For Family Travel – Our Top Ten Sets

Luggage Sets Grades  
Caribbean Joe 4-Piece Luggage Set Best Overall View Latest Price
Samsonite Winfield Luggage Sets Best Durability View Latest Price
COOLIFE 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Sets Best Design View Latest Price
American Tourister 4 Softside Luggage Sets Best Warranty View Latest Price
Kenneth Cole 3-Piece Luggage Set Best Lightweight View Latest Price
Steve Madden 4 Piece Luggage Sets Best Stability View Latest Price
American Tourister Luggage Best Aesthetics View Latest Price
Steve Madden Designer 4 Piece Luggage Sets Best Quality View Latest Price
SHOWKOO Hardshell Luggage Sets Best Interior View Latest Price
Murtisol Luggage Sets Best Affordability View Latest Price

1. Caribbean Joe 4-Piece Luggage Set

Here comes our top pick! The Caribbean’s one of the top-line models, a 4-Piece Luggage set that comes with exceptional features. That’s what a family traveler is looking for. Thanks to the Caribbean Joe luggage set for the protection, comfort, and convenience it provides along with increased strength. And you know what? This four-piece expandable luggage set is what every family desires before leaving for a holiday trip.

The lightweight construction allows you to adhere to several airline policies while avoiding unnecessary charges. Well, the remarkable design and ever-lasting sturdiness of this luggage make it one of the best luggage sets for domestic and international travel. What’s more? The delicate design with extra stylish yet unique design crafts a new fashion trend.

Whether you plan to go abroad or on weekends with this bag, you look the noblest one. The eight-spinner wheels with 360-degree movement provide free mobility on any surface. But wait! What about the warranty? No need to worry as it offers a five-year warranty to enhance the user’s experience.

 Ergonomic Handle 
5-Years Remarkable Warranty
Eight Smooth Spinner Wheels
4-Piece Durable Family Set
Product Pros
  • Sturdy exteriornSmooth and ergonomic rolling wheelsnExtra stylish designnStability of wheelsnComes with 5 year warrantynn
Product Cons
  • Sometimes there is a chemical smell in the suitcase

2. Samsonite Winfield Luggage

If you want a blend of style, strength, and maneuverability, then the Samsonite Winfield Luggage set is truly not going to disappoint you with its ultra-high durability. When it comes to protecting your luggage, TSA side-mounted lock is all you need, and there is no doubt about it. Only you or the TSA agent has access to the bag when traveling. Four spinning wheels are featuring effortless mobility, allowing you to take the bags everywhere you desire.

What makes it so special? Have you seen the brilliant slider in the square design? You know they offer ten full-capacity oversized interior and zipper dividers with lots of organization pockets. Sound impressive, right?

The unified custom designs on both sides are best to hide any scuffs or scratches while traveling. Moreover, the ten years warranty makes it ideal luggage set for travel abroad.

Available in 20, 24, and 28-inches Luggage set
Premium TSA Locks
High-Grade Polycarbonate Construction
Weighs 27.6 Pounds
Product Pros
  • Reliable push handle buttonnTSA lock abilitynEasy recognizingnHandsome interiorn10-year warranty
Product Cons
  • Exceeds limit

3. COOLIFE 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Set

For function and fashion in one package that won’t break your pocket, we can’t think of something better than COOLIFE 3-piece Luggage Set. Yes! You heard it right! The luggage set involves three bags with capacities of 20inch, 24inch, and 28 inches. They may look compact, but they are too spacious to accommodate all your gear.

When we talk about the interior, the zip pocket is elastic and has a squared capacity design, ensuring that there is enough space for all family accessories. The 360-degree multidirectional spinning wheels allow you to move the luggage smoothly in all directions. Isn’t this is something every traveler needs?

Let’s dig a little deeper and talk about durability! COOLIFE has amazed its users with the ever-lasting durability of the luggage set. The 100% ABS material enables the bag to withstand all harsh traveling conditions.

4-Piece Family Set
Elite TSA Locks
Classy Design
Two-Year Warranty
Product Pros
  • Ever-lasting durability nUltra-lightweight designnBudget-friendly designnABS fabricationn2-year warranty
Product Cons
  • It frequently gets dents.

4. American Tourister 4 Softside Luggage Set

American Tourister is now here with its modern soft side luggage set series comprising four bags, making it the best luggage set for families. Let’s dive in and see how the interior is! Are you excited? There is a massive interior compartment for effective packing, along with a blouse pocket for accessories. YES! That’s right!

Whether you have planned a weekend trip or an extended trip American Tourister with its endless capabilities, will make the trip better than ever. It doesn’t finish here! The corner protectors protect against any wear and tear that may occur at the crucial points, thereby meeting all family needs.

The multidirectional wheels are all that a family desires because people may find it difficult to carry bags along with kids. But guess what? This luggage set puts zero weight on your shoulder or arm.

Exclusive 4-Piece Family Set
Multi-Directional Rolling Wheels
10-Years Warranty
Weighs Almost 27.2 Pounds
Product Pros
  • Expands providing additional spacenUnparalleled durabilitynEffortless to carrynEasygoing smooth wheelsnPush-button ability
Product Cons
  • Wheels are not much durable

5. Kenneth Cole 3-Piece Luggage Set

Kenneth has compiled a decent amount of style, quality, and durability in its latest Cole Reaction 3-piece luggage set, thereby fulfilling its customers’ needs. Let us talk about the weight!

Suppose you are planning a week-long trip with your family; your priority will be having lightweight luggage sets, isn’t it? And believe it or not, this luggage set is one of those. The molded foot on both sides of every bag enables the entire luggage to stand perfectly upright on the desirable side. Want to know how durable this luggage set is?

The 100% ABS material with incredibly tough corner guard and tear or scratch-resistant option is no more than a treat. The easy grabbing handles and retractable trolley allows effortless moving. Moreover, the zippered pocket, double sides packing, holds all the gear in place.

Offered 20, 24, and 28-inches Luggage Sets
Premium ABS Exterior
Overall Dimensions Of 20-inch
Highly Durable And Superior
Product Pros
  • Durable constructionnHolds clothes in placenABS outernHighly stablenPerfect for U. S airlinesn
Product Cons
  • Utilizes more effort for moving

6. Steve Madden 4 Piece Luggage Set

Do you know Steve Madden Luggage sets are well-loved? Ever think why? It is because of their ever-lasting construction and famous durability. You will not find something more compact to fit in tight spaces than this luggage set for the family. Think I am exaggerating a bit; trust me, NO! It is built-in with such a lightweight design.

The ergonomic handle ensures easy traveling, thereby eliminating pressure on arms. That’s something best when you have care of your family too along with the luggage. Do you and your loved ones love traveling or always remain on the move? If this is so, this Steve Maden Luggage set is an ideal gift for them, offering an amalgam of durability, style, and stability.

Offered 20, 24, and 28-inches Luggage Sets + Tote Bag
5 Year Warranty
26.8 Pounds Total Weight
Trouble-Free Spinner Wheels
Product Pros
  • Ideal to giftnSturdy design nLong-lasting setnSuperb packing spacenDurable for family traveln
Product Cons
  • Handles are not designed durably

7. American Tourister Luggage Set

Traveling would be fun with American Tourister manufacturing high-quality, stylish luggage sets. This 3-piece set will allow you to travel in style without any compromise on convenience and quality. Let us talk about the material!

The durable and rugged ABS construction makes the luggage ser tear and scratch-resistant, allowing for standing in the harshest traveling conditions. Moreover, the polyester lining is enough to make it sturdy.

To provide an exceptional grip, there is a broader pull handle with aluminum features. Whenever you are checking the baggage, the handle remains perfectly protected. The cases expand to provide additional capacity, and the front pockets are reliable enough to store all your necessities while traveling. However, the compression straps ensure the luggage reaches neatly.

20, 24, and 28-inches Deluxe 3-Piece Sets
Weighs 29.7 Pounds
100% ABS HardShell
Ever-Lasting Stuff
Product Pros
  • Scratch-resistantnHighly convenientnGood for organizing all gearnABS hardshell organization nLining texture exteriorn
Product Cons
  • Lacks side handle

8. Steve Madden Designer 4 Piece Luggage Set

If you are looking for the best luggage sets for families that can offer you a spacious interior- the Steve Madden Designer Luggage set has got your back. The reasonable compartments make it easy to organize all family members’ clothes.

The spinning wheels provide 360-degree movement, making it easy to carry any surface, whether smooth or rough terrain. The movement is effortless with free-weight mobility. The luggage set features high stability.

Can this really be true? Are you confused? Well, let us take it this way! The overall wheel design ensures better resistance from falling forward, and the case provides additional stability and strength.

Offered Seat Bag With 20-inch and 28-inch Carry on Bags
28.3 Pounds Overall Weight
Premium Smooth Wheels
Durable Yet Convenient Design
Product Pros
  • Reliable compartmentsnAdditional strengthnSmooth and comfy wheelsnLoaded travel kitnPolyester foundationn
Product Cons
  • Compression straps lack elasticity

9. SHOWKOO Hardshell Luggage Set

SHOWKOOL is right here with its exclusive luggage sets for a week-long trip to surprise its users with improved design and unrivaled quality. What about the material? It comprises a blend of ABD and PC extra thick material making the luggage durable and impact-resistant.

Moreover, to keep cases remarkable trip after troop, they are provided a textured finish. The sturdy yet adjustable telescoping ergonomic handle allows you to take the bag in tight spaces with enhanced mobility.

The TSA lock feature ensures that your luggage is safe and secure without any damage. Moreover, the spacious interior with a zip divider ensures better organization of the entire gear. There is a small pouch to accommodate makeup, wallet, and toothbrush, thus being incredibly useful.

20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inches Bags
Effortless Rotatable Wheels
Lush PC+ABS Materials
2-Years Warranty
Product Pros
  • Solid construction nTSA lock proofnSpacious interiornPC materialnTPU smooth wheels n
Product Cons
  • Lacks expandable feature

10. Murtisol Unique Luggage Set

With multiple rolling suitcases, this Murtisol Luggage set is wallet-friendly but still provides high-quality construction with unique features. Surprisingly enough, this luggage set offers an extra expandable feature allowing every bag to expand for about 2-inches, thus accommodating all your family clothes.

Despite being durable, the 100% ABS material is waterproof, pressure, and heat-resistant. Isn’t it a big deal to get such a sturdy model to beat the harsh conditions of traveling? There are double spinning wheels to ensure quiet and smooth movements and are tough even to carry massive weight.

The TSA lock mounted on the side ensures that your luggage is safe even when checked and all things are in place. That’s something really crucial when you are traveling

4-Piece Family Luggage Set
Brilliant Two-Year Warranty
Top-Notch TSA Locks
Superb Large Storage
Product Pros
  • Long-lasting buildnEffortless mobilitynA good value for moneynComes with a 210D formationnPremium TSA locks
Product Cons
  • The handle is not durable.

Things to Consider While Buying the – Best Luggage Sets for Families

Leading a well-traveled and adventurous family holiday comes with baggage, no doubt. Well, at least you will need the right luggage set, isn’t it? But to figure out which is the best luggage set for families is an intimidating task.

With numerous sizes, styles, and costs to compare, luggage shopping can be breathtaking. For your convenience, we came up with this detailed buying guide to help you know the features to look for, along with other technical details.

Consider weight and size!

You are going to ride with your family. But don’t forget the luggage set! Basically, it is your travel partner. When thinking about the size, the first thing you may think about is the airline requirements. Will it carry enough weight? Is the size accessible? No need to worry; we have got your back with the exclusive top picks.

We are familiar that there is nothing worse than you need to pay the airport’s excess amount. What if the luggage opens or breaks because of overstuffing. Make sure to make a strong decision in this case!

Quality Matters the Most!

The hard-shell luggage sets come with ABS or polycarbonate material. Simultaneously, the soft-shell luggage set is made with a soft yet flexible material like nylon or canvas. There is a high need to pay attention to size when selecting the best luggage set for the family. Look for the luggage set that matches the appropriate size needed by you.

The brand should be Your Priority

Are you satisfied with the quality of American Tourister or SHOWKOO luggage sets? What about the lasting qualities of COOLIFE luggage sets? Wait! Wait! Don’t get confused! Every brand offers specific things. Moreover, here you need to be careful when considering the right brand for you.


The cost of buying a luggage set matters a lot to people having a limited budget. Now, what you have to do? How will you make the best decision? Well, it is not recommended to spend a hefty amount on your travel-related gear but buying the best affordable luggage sets is a great investment. Affordable family luggage sets will also provide you a premium experience of traveling, and there is no doubt about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best luggage sets for families?

Although all luggage sets on our list are the top picks, here is our recommendation for the families best luggage. Samsonite Winfield 2 Expandable & COOLIFE Luggage Set has a great blend of style, quality, and durability.

What is the lightest and most durable luggage?

Kenneth Cole Reaction offers breathtaking durability, and it is the most lightweight luggage set on our list. It is the amalgam of style and durability, providing the user with a unique experience.

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

Samsonite offers some breathtaking durability along with affordability. These luggage sets will provide you with the premium experience of traveling with family. Your bag is completely safe, and it won’t break or overstuff while traveling. Isn’t this amazing? Well YES! No doubt it is.

Final Verdict

When you search for premium luggage sets for families, you can never beat the stack of top-quality brands on the market, each claiming to be the best one. But wait! Wait! Did you get confused?

Well, don’t worry because we have got your back with our outstanding one after one model to ensure you get an excellent trip with your family without worrying about how you will manage all the luggage.

Out of our ten top picks, you will get the most accessible bags to take along wherever you plan to go, and they will also catch some eyes with their worth considering steely pretty looks. But if you are finding it difficult to choose the top pick, here’s our recommendation.

Samsonite Winfield Luggage & COOLIFE Luggage Set ensures excellent durability, style, and sturdiness- thanks for the convenient features it provides. The high-quality ABS construction makes it the top choice for many customers.

Hi, I am Terry Alvin. I have 4+ years of experience in traveling segments. I have traveled to around 80+ countries. My experience will help you a lot in choosing the right essentials for your travel. Thank you!

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