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Best Lightweight Checked Luggage – Upgrade Your Luggage

Instead of bounding on a far-flung spot to a long-haul flight, lots of travel enthusiasts are planning to opt for safe vacation options – probably trusty checked luggage for Business travel? To be honest, 2020 has been an excellent year for checked luggage, and undoubtedly 2022 will be an exceptional one.

That’s due to the top brands manicuring new models with updated styles and aesthetics. Just imagine how the best lightweight checked luggage will look like? Well, it is the one that’s effective enough to provide you with a spacious interior to accommodate all your travel-related gear.

Moreover, it needs to be robust and sturdy to withstand the most challenging traveling conditions. The checked luggage should fulfill the airline’s requirements, and that’s a real priority.

Whether you opt for a hard shell or a soft designed, checked luggage, make sure you check the details and specs so it can work best on your next adventure. We came up with ten top-notched checked luggage to help you choose the one that suits you perfectly. The buying guide is also a plus point!

Best Lightweight Checked Luggage

Best Lightweight Checked Luggage – Our Top Picks

Checked Luggage Grades   
DELSEY Paris Hardshell Checked Luggage Recommended View Latest Price
Travelpro Maxlite Checked Luggage Lightweight View Latest Price
Briggs & Riley Checked Luggage Full Warranty View Latest Price
American Tourister Checked Luggage Warm Handling View Latest Price
Travelpro Crew Checked Luggage Huge Capacity View Latest Price
Samsonite Leverage Checked Luggage Aesthetics View Latest Price
DELSEY Paris Chatelet Designer Checked Luggage Strong Material View Latest Price
Amazon Basics Hardside Luggage Best Organization View Latest Price
American Tourister Belle Checked Luggage Best Affordability View Latest Price
Samsonite Omni Luggage Best Texture View Latest Price

Let’s get right into our exclusive picks!

1. DELSEY Paris Hardshell Checked Luggage

Here comes our top pick! DELSEY top-quality expandable luggage is no more an exception seriously, and the innovative design is perfect to meet every traveler’s demands. That’s what a traveler is actually looking for. Let’s talk about the material! It is made of 100% polycarbonate material enriched with glossy finishing, making the luggage incredibly lightweight.

What’s more, it offers? The eye-catching shell is exceptionally durable, making it crack and scratch-resistant. Sounds reliable, isn’t it? Well, it is, and there is no doubt about it. The suitcase is manufactured using a stunning metallic finish. Despite being the best, it offers a 3-dial lock system for enhanced security. It can quickly expand 2-inches, thus providing you with additional capacity.

The spacious interior will make you love this luggage trust me. There are fully-lined two compartments to keep items wrinkle-free. The multiple pockets allow for more comfortable organization. The handles and the four spinner multidirectional wheels ensure smooth motion making this luggage a must-to-buy option.

Dimensions (20.5″H x 14.5″W)
It Is a Large 29-inch Large Luggage
It Weighs 12.5lbs
It Offers a 10 Years Limited Warranty
TSA Approved Lock

Product Pros

  • Ultimately a great line of luggage
  • High-performance zippers
  • Durable wheels
  • TSA combination lock
  • 10-year warranty

Product Cons

  • The lock feature is not much reliable.

2. Travelpro Maxlite Large Checked Luggage

Travelpro is best known for its high-end expandable collection of luggage, recognizable for its durability and ultra-lightweight construction. The 100% nylon construction is what makes this the best-checked luggage for international travel. The unique and aesthetic bottom tray enhances durability.

Moreover, there is a patented grip featuring rubberized touchpoints for practical usage. YES! You heard that right! Let’s talk about capacity! Well, this luggage can expand up to at least 2-inches for additional capacity. There are side and bottom carry handles for effective functioning.

Have you seen the innovative interior? Well, the interior features two exterior compartments along with one side accessory pocket for more advanced storage. Don’t forget the effective rolling mechanism. The 360 degrees spinner wheels ensure safe and secure mobility on all surfaces, making them convenient for you.

Dimensions (29″H x 20.5W)
It is a large 29-inch checked luggage.
Can hold up to 142L weight
It weighs 8.49lbs
H20 Guard protects

Product Pros

  • Lightweight construction
  • Ultra-durable and sturdy
  • Amazing PowerScope carrying handles
  • H20 interior protects
  • Lifetime warranty promise

Product Cons

  • The dusky rose picture is not accurate.

3. Briggs & Riley Large Checked Luggage

Briggs and Riley have made their debut luggage and continually attract customers with their pleasing and robust luggage. This soft side luggage is well-constructed to impress lots of travelers. Digging a little deeper! The luggage features ballistic nylon construction for providing effective resistance against moisture, wear and tear, along dust. It is abrasion-resistant too!

Furthermore, this lockable suitcase keeps the contents safe, and there is quick access to the essential thing at the checkpoints. That’s because of the speed thru the pocket. Sounds fantastic, right?

The luggage offers a 25% additional packing space enabling you to get the maximum of it. Moreover, the mesh panel minimizes the shifting and wrinkling of your gear.

Dimensions (20.05″H x 11.02″W)
It is a piece of 28-inch luggage.
The bag weighs 9.3lbs.
It offers a lifetime warranty.
Free TSA lock

Product Pros

  • Ever-lasting durability
  • Great for traveling
  • TSA lock
  • Easy handling design
  • Secure pockets

Product Cons

  • It’s not quite broad enough.

4. American Tourister Checked Luggage

Premium lightweight construction, innovative design, durability, and convenience set American Tourister apart seriously. The large versatile, designed checked luggage is no more than a treat for travelers, isn’t it? Let us show you this way!

The durable and pretty rugged construction features an ABS shell that ultimately makes the luggage ultra-durable and sturdy. Handling is something really crucial, right? This luggage offers a multi-stage convenient handle for effortless motion ensuring no weight is pulled by your shoulders.

There is an expansion feature for providing additional capacity to the travelers to take the essentials along. The mesh divider and zipper pockets are also included for enhanced convenience.

Dimensions (31â€H X 19.8″W)
It is a large 28-inch suitcase.
The bag weighs 9.3lbs.
It offers a lifetime warranty.
Free TSA lock

Product Pros

  • Reliable push-button handle
  • Sturdy to take on long-trips
  • Ten-years warranty
  • Power-quality exterior case
  • Extra packing facility

Product Cons

  • Dents come up quickly.

5. Travelpro Crew Checked Luggage

Travelpro has amazed its users with the modern-designed expandable checked luggage for frequent flyers. Explicitly designed to provide extra strength and durability, this checked luggage has got you covered. The soft checked luggage is made of ballistic nylon making it ultra-durable and scratch or stain-resistant; that’s a great deal for your next expenditure, trust me.

The capacious interior is something you will amaze to look at seriously. The fully-features lid pocket, wet pockets and mesh pockets allow you to store as many things as you want.

Furthermore, the adjustable straps and the damage-resistant zippers are a plus point to keep the thing protected and in place. The carry handles are highly durable and make the process effortless with the help of magnetic dual spinner high-quality wheels for effective motion. 

Dimensions (31.5″H x 20.20″ W)
Large 29-inch luggage
It comes with a capacity of 143.5L
It weighs 10.56lbs
360-degree Smooth Wheels

Product Pros

  • Providing DuraGuard exterior
  • Lightweight design
  • Capacious interior
  • Versatile to use on trips
  • Supreme smooth zippers

Product Cons

  • Wheels aren’t durable enough.

6. Samsonite Leverage Checked Luggage

For stylish and aesthetic travel, look no farther than the Samsonite Leverage Expandable Luggage, ensuri0ng an excellent design that will not disappoint you in any manner.

Let’s talk about durability! The ballistic polyester construction allows high-grade construction to the users making it a top choice. Moreover, it features corner protectors to protect the luggage against any wear and tear while traveling, mostly at the contact points.

What about the interior? Well, there is a removable zipper in the interior for better usage. With the compression straps, the luggage keeps the contents in place, protecting them from damage. The 360 degrees four-spinner wheels ensure that your shoulders and arms are free of weight, making them easy to carry.

Dimensions (32.0″H x 20.25″W)
It is a large 29-inch checked luggage
It offers 10-years limited warranty
The luggage weighs 10.8lbs.
Multi-Directional Smooth Wheels

Product Pros

  • Multidirectional wheels
  • Aesthetic and fantastic design
  • Ideal for longer travels & trips
  • Good value for money
  • 10-year warranty

Product Cons

  • Lacks umbrella pocket

7. DELSEY Paris Chatelet Designer Checked Luggage

Specially designed with Paris’s timeless scenery in mind, the DELSEY Paris Hard Luggage is no more an exception. Undoubtedly it is a perfect blend of durability and built-in high quality.

The 100% polycarbonate construction is exceptionally sturdy, making the luggage incredibly resilient to breaking. Moreover, it features stylish leather accents for enhanced durability. Believe it or not, but the TSA-approved lock system provides high-security, therefore, keeping all the essentials safe at the airport.

The two massive compartments are lined, ensuring a deluxe interior allowing you to keep maximum gear into the luggage. The spinner wheels provide a stable base, and the locking handle ensures excellent maneuverability to the users.

Dimensions (27.5H x 12.5W)
It is a 28inch checked luggage
It weighs 12.6lbs
10-years limited warranty
Deluxe Interior & TSA Lock

Product Pros

  • High-grade material
  • TSA approved security lock
  • Unique brake system
  • Deluxe and spacious interior
  • 10-year guarantee

Product Cons

  • A bit bulky

8. Amazon Basics Hardside Luggage

If you are looking for the best checked luggage for suits, you have landed on the right spot. Amazon Basics suitcase offers a high-grade construction with an innovative design to make it best for travelers.

Let’s talk about the material! It is made of ultra-thick ABS material that’s protective enough to make the luggage scratch-resistant and provide enhanced strength and versatility. Moreover, it comes with a well-constructed and totally-lined interior that is convenient to store small essentials. There are three additional zipper pockets making packaging more effective.

The plus point is you can expand the luggage up to 15%, which provides additional space to keep things aligned. The four spinner wheels provide smooth mobility in all directions.

What about the handling? The carrying handle is highly beneficial to ensure a comfortable carrying process. The spinner wheels are robust enough to provide smooth motion on all terrains.

Dimensions (21.05″H x 12.79″W)
Extra-large 30-inch checked luggage
It offers a capacity of 105L.
It weighs 11.77lbs
150D-polyester interior

Product Pros

  • 15% additional packing capacity
  • Convenient to handle
  • Organized interior
  • 150D external surface
  • 3 pockets with premium zippers

Product Cons

  • Lacks effective storing capacity

9. American Tourister Belle Checked Luggage

American Tourister is right here with the Voyage luggage offering unrivaled quality and improved design. This affordable luggage won’t demand your pocket to be deep down without compromising the quality.

The high-quality material makes it ultra-durable to take on every trip. And you know what? It won’t lose the sturdiness even on the 100th trip. Isn’t it amazing?

What’s more?  The luggage expands, ensuring you can take the entire travel-related gear along for providing extra capacity. Let us take a closer look! Despite being budget-friendly, it has a spacious interior with lots of mesh pockets to store personal items. The plus point is that there are compression straps to keep the luggage neatly packed.

Dimensions (31. 4â€H x 19. 5″W)
It weighs 11.46lbs
It is a 28-inch large checked luggage.
Brilliant design
360 Spinner Wheels

Product Pros

  • Great value for money
  • High-grade spinner wheels
  • Durable and sturdy material
  • Noiseless wheels with 360 direction
  • Acceptable for all airlines

Product Cons

  • The zipper is not reliable enough.

10. Samsonite Omni Hard-shell Luggage

Look over the exotic longitudes with the Samsonite Hard side Expandable luggage specially designed for vast expenditures or when you want to share the checked luggage with another member during traveling. Made from diamond polycarbonate texture, the Samsonite Hardshell is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant, therefore keeping the luggage reliable trip after trip.

Have you seen the side-mounted lock? The TSA lock ensures that only the TSA agent or you can get access to the luggage while traveling. Let’s talk about the interior! There is a mesh divider in the main compartment along with the cross-straps to keep the essentials in place. Moreover, the four spinner wheels offer effortless mobility.

Dimensions (30.5″H X 21.5″W)
28-inch large checked luggage
It weighs 10.35lbs
10-years limited warranty
TSA locks 

Product Pros

  • Build to last Amazing locking system
  • Breathtaking texture
  • Polycarbonate diamond experience
  • TSA lock

Product Cons

  • Lacks spare parts

Things to consider while buying the – Best Lightweight Checked Luggage

Admittedly, investing in quality checked bags makes you excited for the upcoming vacations, or they may be a smart play enabling you to have a piece of high-grade luggage for extended trips. But wait! Choosing the top-rated checked luggage is challenging when you have many models available in the market.

And you know what? Checked luggage is actually more cumbersome when compared to cabin designs and are massive and bulkier to carry. What’s the catch, by the way? Here’s the most accessible guide we have got for you! Follow up the buying guide mentioned below to get the best one for you.

The size needs to be a priority!

Undoubtedly carry-on luggage offers easy handling, but what if when you plan for bigger adventures? Here is when you will get a lack of space. Here you need to check those eye-catching massive suitcases to get the most noticeable traveling adventure.

Many manufacturers are continually making checked luggage in various sizes, allowing you to choose the best one for the next expenditure. And you know what? Medium-sized checked luggage are comfortable to take along than enormous ones; you will find them lighter too! It’s not easy to find checked luggage that fulfills the full-size restrictions offered by the airlines. It’s vital to check them before going ahead.

Consider weight too!

Never be a person who needs to unpack the suitcase just because it’s overstuffed and exceeds the airline’s weight limits. Quite simply, find some time and check the weight limits correctly before you plan to fly.

There are lots of airlines that charge extra if your checked luggage exceeds 50lbs. What you have to do? Check out the luggage capacity and the weight before making a final decision, as it can provide you with a more comfortable and worry-free trip.

What about the wheels?

Well, that’s all up to you. Suitcases consisting of 2 wheels are comfortable to pull when you take them on rough terrains, and you will find them really accessible.

The four-wheeled high-grade spinner models are perfect for gliding around and offering easy manageability, especially in congested spaces like the airplane aisles.

To be honest, personal choices, cost, and practicability are essential when choosing a model so you can go with the one that suits you.

Handling is vital!

Having a sturdy handle is a basic need when you have a piece of large or medium-sized luggage. It’s quite challenging to carry the luggage at the airport, but thanks to the high-grade, durable wheels. If you have luxurious checked luggage, they feature ergonomic handles that undoubtedly eliminate the weight from your shoulders or arms.

Soft or hard checked luggage

It’s a tough call to choose whether you need shiny hard shell checked luggage or sporty-looking soft checked luggage for your next expenditure. However, hard-checked luggage is highly durable and feature colorful exteriors and some sleek curves. Sounds crazy, right? 

But that’s not the thing! Hardshell luggage is not actually designed to provide high flexibility when we talk about interior space. What about the soft cases? Well, soft cases offer more flexibility and feature a spacious interior and some external pockets, and are lightweight to carry along. But soft checked luggage will not provide the same level of durability.

The quality matters too!

Let’s talk about the material! The checked luggage needs to be durable enough to withstand wear and tear during travelling. Ever wondered why hard shell luggage is durable? That’s because they are specially designed to stand against the common knocks associated with travelling. The most common materials used are aluminium, polypropylene, and ABS.

But wait! What about the soft shell luggage’s? Don’t confuse softshell with something like fine silk that’s going to fall into pieces with your single touch. These checked luggage’s feature well-constructed synthetic fabric like polyester, Cordura or ballistic nylon that is worth considering, trust me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which checked luggage is best?

Choosing an ideal Lightweight Luggage has never been easy as there are various top-quality models on the market. We have mentioned our top ten eye-catching models so you can come up with the best one. Are you confused about making the right decision? Here’s our recommendation!

DELSEY Paris Hardside Luggage is a perfect amalgam of versatility, aesthetics, durability and reliability to help users get the best-ever experience. Moreover, the ultimate construction is an excellent deal for many users.

What is allowed in checked baggage for international flights?

Packing accurately before planning helps facilitate the screening process more reliable, thus making the travel experience more accessible at the airport. Got it? Let us take a closer look!

You have to know what you have packed in the checked luggage whether it fulfills the airline’s requirements or not. Quite simply, to get this done more comfortably, you can opt to look for Luggage Sets for International Travel, and they will surely not disappoint you in any manner.

What is not allowed in checked baggage for international flights?

Here is the list of allowed things in checked baggage: 

  • Firearms & Assult Weapons 
  • Lighters & E Lighters
  • Flammable Items 
  • Sharp knives
  • Electric Stunners 
  • Liquid & Gel Items
  • Construction Tools
  • Bear Sprays
  • Blasting Caps 
  • Electronic Batteries

How do airlines measure checked baggage?

Airlines have a proper luggage measuring system, making sure you fulfill the requirements before reaching the airport. If you get checked luggage for international travel, then the airlines will measure it in linear inches.

Linear inches correspond to the total dimensions of the luggage, and it varies within different airlines. You have to be careful when buying luggage, so you don’t mess up at the airport.

What if my checked luggage is overweight?

Sometimes you end up getting the checked luggage overweight, right? If this happens, what you will need to do? To be honest, it is enough if you removed the heaviest items from the luggage and shift them in the temporary bag.

What’s more? Once your bag reaches the airline limit and the cost-fee is eliminated, you can again check the whole luggage weight. Remember to take the temporary suitcase along with you.

Can i pack food in my checked luggage?

Frankly speaking, Yes, you can pack the food but it depends on where you going because many major airlines allow us to carry only solid food. If you want to carry liquidy and gel foods. We will recommend you to carry 3.4 ounces.

Many airlines do not allow you to bring fresh and liquid foods exceed 3.4 ounces. You can carry delicious snacks, chips, and chocolates, and all kinds of solid foods without any restrictions.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, the best-checked luggage for frequent flyers is tough yet luxurious, offering the best experience to travelers. Despite how late you plan to start packing, this large checked luggage can take the travel game to incredible heights. That’s what a traveler desires.

After taking expert’s advice and lots of research, we came up with the most desirable top-quality ten exclusive checked luggage to help you find the ideal one. Sounds impressive, right? But wait! Wait! Are you getting confused about choosing the best one? Or all seem the best? Well, we would love to mention our top pick that’s perfect in every manner.

Delsey Paris Luggage carries a stylish and sleek design that’s a great deal for every traveler. It features high-grade material and a streamlined design for easy handling. It is, no doubt, a breathtaking option.

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