Best Lightweight Carry-On Luggage – Self-Tested Picks

Isn’t the vacation part of the fun anticipating? But you know what? Many travelers don’t look forward to packing their backpacks for their trip. Let us take it this way! Aren’t fewer vacationers taking pleasure in the thought of packing heavy luggage, and overstuffed bags inside and outside of automobiles, trains, and planes? Well, that’s really true!

Whether you are a person who wants the suitcase ready before a week or you are someone who waits for the last few hours before you leave, even then you need to have the best lightweight carry-on luggage along with you.

Instead of wasting time spending a hefty amount on buying a heavy suitcase, why don’t you search for the best affordable luggage sets that are lightweight to provide you with the most on-hand experience of traveling?

Well, no need to worry! We have got you covered with our ten top-notch picks. Keeping your needs as our top priority, we made sure that all these luggage sets are durable to bear the heavyweight of your gear and other accessories. Moreover, the detailed emphasis will help you choose the best one while saving money for your trip!

Best Lightweight Carry-On Luggage

Best Lightweight Carry-On Luggage (June Updated)

(Our Top 10 Picks)

Carry-on Luggage  Grades Prices
Samsonite Winfield Luggage Best Overall
Discounted Price
Travelpro Maxlite Softside Luggage Pretty Lightweight
Discounted Price
American Tourister Moonlight Luggage Amazing Design
Discounted Price
Kenneth Cole Reaction Softside Luggage Finest Interior
Discounted Price
Samsonite Omni Luggage Economical & Strong
Discounted Price
Merax 3 Piece Luggage Sets Top Durability
Discounted Price
SwissGear Sion Premium Luggage Supreme Organization
Discounted Price
Kenneth Cole Reaction Heavy-Duty Luggage Value for Money
Discounted Price
DELSEY Paris Helium Luggage Huge Capacity
Discounted Price
Amazon Basics Spinner Luggage Ideal For Casual Travel
Discounted Price

Let’s dive in to see the detailed reviews of our top ten picks!

1. Samsonite Winfield Hardshell Luggage 

Getting the best lightweight carry-on luggage is an intimidating task. The Samsonite Winfield Expandable luggage is a great option to consider on our list with innovative features and built-in high quality. Well, you know what?

It will maximize the packing power and is ideal for extended trips. Samsonite luggage comes with 10 years limited warranty against any defects and they ensure their testing standard. Its wheels will never disappoint you because they are effortless and smooth.

Moreover, let us tell you something interesting! The stylish brushed design hides the potential scuffs and scratches that may occur on the journey. No matter where you are going, the TSA lock system will help you arrive safely at the destination without the need for keys.

The zippered pockets with privacy curtains and cross-straps will enhance your convenience, thus making your journey unforgettable. We will recommend you this luggage for your business, family, and recreational travels.

Dimensions (20″H x 13″W)
Its weight is 6.7lbs
Large 28-inch Luggage
100% Polycarbonate Stuff
It Weighs 11.5 Pounds
Elite TSA Locks

What We Like

  • Easily recognizable
  • Custom stylish design
  • Effortless mobility with four wheels
  • TSA strong security lock
  • Ability to carry heavyweight

What We Don’t Like

  • The case can accommodate dust easily
  • Not reliable for the long trips

2. Travelpro Maxlite Softside Luggage

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a traveling enthusiast who is all-time on the move, this Travelpro Maxlite Lightweight Expandable carry-on luggage is excellent for you. The high performance of this luggage is really breathtaking and worth considering.

Travelpro Luggage has 8 shades of colors and a strong exterior. The luggage has large separate compartments. Travelpro luggage provides a 1-year warranty and promises to cover all the damaging losses.

Let’s talk about its durability! The luggage is ultra-durable, maximizing the packing power as well as fulfilling the weight restrictions of many airlines. Moreover, you will get extra strain resistance and water repellent coating with incredible tensile strength, therefore, providing long-lasting quality.

What makes this so unique? It can expand up to almost 2 inches to increase the packing capacity and accommodate all your gear. Travelpro Maxlite offers bottom and side carry handles, accessory side pockets, two exterior portions, and adjustable straps for high flexibility and convenience.

Dimensions (23″H x 14″W)
Its weight is 5.4lbs
Ultralightweight of 5.4 Pounds
22-Inches Of Suitcase Size
100% Polyester Stuff
H20 Guard Interior

What We Like

  • Ultralightweight design
  • Ever-lasting and sturdy material
  • Incredibly convenient
  • Polyester flexible material
  • Power scope warm handling

What We Don’t Like

  • Not reliable for offshore traveling

3. American Tourister Moonlight Luggage

Are you a traveling enthusiast, and colorful prints are all that you need in your luggage? American Tourister Moonlight Expandable luggage has got your back with its remarkable features. It ensures that your luggage looks excellent on the 100th trip like it was on the first trip. Its 1.5 Inch expansion provides a large space for packing the clothes and other travel stuff.

An exceptionally broader push-button handle is all you need in this premium quality luggage. It offers an integrated aluminum built-in handle for extra lightness, thus providing the user with a comfortable grip.

The ultra expandable cases allow added capacity. Isn’t this astonishing? It can accommodate all the excessive gear easily. Well, do you know what? The 360-degree rotatable wheels are all you need whether you are checking into any hotel or the flight. It makes it super-easy for users to use this elegant luggage. T

Dimensions (20″H x 14″W)
Its weight is 7.5lbs
Constitutes 11.02 lbs Weight
It Comes With Four Incorporated Wheels
It Offers A Massive 28-Inch Size
Large Pockets

What We Like

  • Super-easy carry-on wheels
  • Variation of colors
  • Visually impactful design
  • Hardside impression
  • Maneuver wheels

What We Don’t Like

  • It is a bit heavy when empty
  • Exterior scratches grabber

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Softside Luggage

The perfect cheap carry-on luggage for all types of travelers is the Kenneth Cole Reaction Expandable Suitcase with a profound amount of durability and quality. Despite being a classy choice on our list, this suitcase meets every traveler’s needs.

Let us dive in to see some remarkable features! The multi-directional 8-wheel spinners allow smooth and secure movement whether moving on a rough surface or a hilly area. Your arms will be stress-free when moving this suitcase.

What’s more? The spacious interior of this suitcase is incredibly appealing. The restraint straps are responsible for holding all contents in place. Moreover side zipper pocket and interior lid provide massive space to the user, isn’t it?

Are you thinking of how to move this suitcase? Well, no need to worry! There is a retractable push-button handle for a comfortable grip making the luggage user-friendly.

Dimensions (20″H x 13″W)
its weight is 9.3lbs
28-inch Checked The Massive Size
Polyester Durable Fabrication
Ultralightweight Forming of 10 Pounds
10-Year Limited Warranty

What We Like

  • Additional 2-inch space
  • Fashionable tear-resistant interior
  • Ten years of remarkable warranty
  • You can get additional space

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks interior zippers
  • The warranty team is unresponsive

5. Samsonite Omni Hardside Luggage

Here comes the most exclusive lightweight checked luggage set, the Samsonite Omni Expandable luggage, which will surely not disappoint you. With scratch-resistant features, the cases will remain sturdy after dozens of trips. Isn’t this amazing?

Let us take about the TSA locks! Well, your privacy is safe only to you or the TSA agent for accessing the belongings during traveling. Its overall dimensions are 26.5†x 17.75†and its weight is 8.34 lbs. Luggage has a micro-diamond texture, which gives you a rich impression.

What’s more? The book opening case, along with cross straps and mesh divider, are remarkable to accommodate everything. Trust us! It only looks portable but offers a brilliant space. The ever-lasting quality of Samsonite has made it the top choice of users worldwide. Have you seen the multi-directional wheels for effortless movement? Well, they add to the convenience, no doubt!

Dimensions (19″H x 14.5″W)
Its weight is 6.81lbs
Offered 24-Inch Brilliant Design
100% Polycarbonate Establishment
It Comes With A Weight Of 8.34 lbs
10-year Warranty

What We Like

  • High-quality material
  • Broader push bottom handle
  • TSA strong lock
  • Ten years of warranty
  • Oversized smooth wheels

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks side handles
  • Sensitive pocket zippers

6. Merax 3 Piece Luggage Sets

Merax is here with their highly affordable luggage set that includes three suitcases. The remarkable thing is despite having superior quality; the luggage set also features an ergonomic design. Let us talk about some accessible features! The innovative, up-to-date quality with robust resistance to low and high temperatures makes it ultra-durable.

What’s the catch? Well, the silent-running feature is an excellent quality you will find in this luggage set. Moreover, the silent wheels will undoubtedly enhance your journey. The three suitcases of variable sizes measuring 20 inches, 24-inch, and 28-inch are enough to accommodate the entire family gear.

The entirely lined interior and massive storage, along with zippered compartments, keep all the things organized. It offers a protective anti-aging feature with UV radiation making it a top choice for many customers.

Dimensions (22″H x 14″W)
Its weight is 6.35lbs
Made of PET Quality Material
Incredibly Reliable Three-Digit Lock
Lush Bag Material
Premium TSA Locks

What We Like

  • Wonderful lined compartments
  • Massive storage options
  • Incredibly durable built-in design
  • PET premium surface
  • Easy to perform in weight stress

What We Don’t Like

  • The lock setting is a bit tricky

7. SwissGear Sion Premium Luggage

SwissGear has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality gear – the Softside luggage is a remarkable creation, no doubt. With an incredibly compact design and innovative features, it is one of our best choices. Think I am exaggerating? Well, I am not; you heard it right! What makes this luggage so unique?

Have you seen the lift handles? Well-reinforced handles are located on the side, bottom, and top of the luggage to enhance your comfort level. Other than this, let us see something interesting! The front panel pockets provide spacious space for organizing all your essentials while traveling and enabling you to last-minute add-in items.

Swissgear features everything in place with its adjustable straps, and the multiple mesh pockets will increase the user’s experience. Take advantage of these 360-degree, effortlessly moving wheels’ easy push and pull ability when going through a crowded place.

Dimensions (22.70″H x 14.20″W)
Its weight is 8lbs
25-inch Checked Brilliant Design
It Weighs About 9.5 lbs
Four High-Grade Moving Wheels
Multiple Bag Pockets

What We Like

  • Ultimate organization
  • Boundless mobility
  • Innovative design
  • Organized compartment
  • Smooth packing effectiveness

What We Don’t Like

  • The push-button on the handle is a bit unreliable.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Heavy-Duty Luggage

Are you searching for affordable carry-on luggage? If yes, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Spinner luggage will undoubtedly not disappoint you with its stylish design and innovative features. Well, weighing only 9.6 pounds, you can carry this beauty effortlessly both off and at the airport.

Let’s dig in a little deeper! It offers a durable molded guard at the exterior and an entirely lined interior along with tear-resistant properties. The multi-directional spinner wheels are what you people desire isn’t it? Well, despite being the best budget-friendly model on our list, it offers many spacious features too.

You will find a zippered pocket, double-side packing, and a restraint strap to hold the clothes or accessories in place in the interior compartment. Doesn’t it look perfect? The simple yet convenient trolley handles allow easy moving.

Dimensions (21.72″H x 14.5″W)
Its weight is 6.25lbs
28-Inch Large Suitcase
100% ABS Construction
Smooth Wheels Movement
Scratch & Water Resistant

What We Like

  • A good value for money
  • Easy carrying features
  • Robust design suitcase
  • ABS construction
  • Impressive wheels stability

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks compartments or pockets for organizing essentials
  • Facing issue in replacement of wheels

9. DELSEY Paris Helium Luggage

If you are looking for the best lightweight carry-on luggage to provide you with a massive capacity, the DELSEY Paris Expandable Luggage has got you covered. Moreover, organized travelers will be thrilled when packing up this roller. Planning to buy it? But wait! Wait! Let us conclude with some of its versatile characteristics!

Want to have secure parking? The two large lined portions and multiple mesh pockets allow the effortless organization and access to all your essentials. Let us talk about the material! The 100% polycarbonate with metallic finish is lightweight and crack, dent, or scratch-resistant.

The 360 degrees rotary wheels ensure a thrilling ride, and the ergonomic handle ensures excellent grip while moving. Do you desire to pack souvenirs while returning from your journey? Well, DELSEY has made it easier for you with its 2-inch expandable features providing additional space.

Dimensions (20″H x 14″W)
Its weight is 8.4lbs
21-Inch Carry-On Luggage
Applies Zero Weight On The Hand
Sheeny Glossy Polycarbonate

What We Like

  • Deluxe interior
  • Double high-quality spinner wheels
  • TSA lock combination for security
  • Metallic body
  • Separate pockets for small items

What We Don’t Like

  • The lock feature integrates into the zipper
  • The warranty covers only luggage defects (not exterior)

10. Amazon Basics Spinner Luggage

As another excellent piece from the ever-famous Amazon Basics Series, this best lightweight carry-on spinner luggage offers good value for money. The suitcase promises users to provide increased flexibility, therefore, making it a top choice.

Let us talk about it this way! The suitcase is ideal for road trips, air travel, and even your business trips. Want to keep your privacy safe? Well, the TSA lock promotes security while making suitcases more reliable on trips. Moreover, there are multiple zippered mesh pockets to keep the small essentials safe and secure.

What’s more? You will find the luggage scratch-resistant and with an additional 15% space to maximize the capacity. The four double wheels allow you to move the suitcase with ease in every direction. To conveniently roll the suitcase, you need to extend the telescoping handles.

Dimensions (20.47″H x 11.40″W)
Its weight is 10.75lbs
Offered 30.1-Inch Carry-on Size
10.76 lbs Of Weight
It Offers an Interior Capacity of 97 Liters
Telescopic Carriage

What We Like

  • Easy lifting features
  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Expandable and lightweight
  • Recommended for air travel
  • Superficial scratch-resistant material

What We Don’t Like

  • The TSA lock combination is not much durable
  • Hard handling grip

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Lightweight Carry-On Luggage

Isn’t it stressful to get durable yet sturdy carry-on luggage for any kind of trip, whether you are a traveling enthusiast or a business person? Honestly, it is no more than a headache when choosing carry-on luggage for you.

Well, when there is a stack of top-notch brands available on the market, it’s quite daunting to tell which the best one is. What to do here? You don’t need to worry! We have made it easier for you. Follow up on the buying guide below to choose the best ever carry-on luggage for you.

Size Really Matters!

Are you satisfied with any size of carry-on luggage? Absolutely NO! To meet the airline’s size needs, you must need appropriate carry-on luggage. But what is more to consider? Different airlines feature various luggage size requirements, so make sure you check the airline before buying the luggage for you.

Weight should be the top priority

Airlines offer high-grade restrictions for carry-on duffel bags, so here you need to be careful! Once you have purchased carry-on luggage and there are restrictions to carrying it along, then what? Won’t you be able to use it now?

Well, lightweight bags allow travelers to focus more on their traveling instead of lugging the heavy bag from one point to another. Lightweight luggage undoubtedly provides wiggle room when talking about packing capacities.

Don’t forget about the wheels!

Typically all carry-on luggage features wheels, but you know what? All wheels are not the same, seriously! Wheels that are made with cheap material usually start to wobble, fall off and are not scratch-resistant. Is it convenient for you on the trip? Never!

Besides this, it is up to you whether two wheels are sufficient for you or not or if you prefer having four. Let’s dig in to see what four wheels have got for you! Four wheels will reduce arm pain when you are dragging the luggage for a great deal of time.

Essential Compartments

Having conveniently organized compartments is all you need despite being any kind of traveler. But why? Why are compartments necessary? Well, they are the perfect way to organize the leftover essentials in your bag. But here is something you have to keep in mind! Check out carefully that the compartment doesn’t hinder the space inside the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lightweight carry-on luggage?

Although all our list models are designed compactly but still if you want to choose the best lightweight carry-on luggage, here is our recommendation. Travelpro Maxlite Expandable Luggage is all you need for enhanced quality and a lightweight experience.

Can I bring two backpacks on a plane?

Generally, you can bring two backpacks in the form of carry-on luggage, and the other one can carry as a personal bag. You can easily measure your luggage bag before air travel. Both luggage & bag should cover all the airline’s restrictions.

Can you take a backpack and a carry-on American Airlines

There are many factors involved in bringing luggage and bags to American airlines. You have to clear some points before traveling on an airplane. 

  1. TSA Restrictions
  2. Measure Your Luggage
  3. Carry all the legal items
  4. One Luggage & Personal Backpack
  5. Luggage Size Measurement

Do airlines recommend soft or hard luggage?

Well, there are no strict recommendations. It is all up to you which kind of luggage you desire to take. Let us talk about it this way! Softside luggage is a way to go if you desire flexibility. Softside bags are preferable to hard luggage, particularly when considering carry-on luggage, and are quicker to squeeze into compartments.

Can 24-inch luggage be a carry-on or not?

Well, the answer is YES! But wait! Here is something worth considering. You have to read your airline’s website thoroughly, and their luggage recommendations will help you choose the most accessible size ever. So never decide on your own!

Final Verdict

Whether you choose to stick to carry-on luggage featuring a durable fabric with additional expandable space options or if it is a traditional backpack for your adventures, one thing that is the most considerable is getting the best lightweight carry-on luggage to help you make the journey really enjoyable.

If you are confused about choosing the best one, take our recommendation on it. Samsonite Omni Hardside Luggage ensures perfect style, design, and durability. Don’t forget about its lightweight design and built-in high quality. It is scratch-resistant with TSA locks to ensure privacy. Isn’t it awesome?

Hi, I am Terry Alvin. I have 4+ years of experience in traveling segments. I have traveled to around 80+ countries. My experience will help you a lot in choosing the right essentials for your travel. Thank you!

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