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Best Hardside Luggage Sets – Modern Picks For You

Nothing can beat the standards of some best Hardside luggage sets when it comes to durability and strength. Even you have some fragile tech items in your luggage; the Hardside construction makes it bear the pressures of airlines and taxi drivers tossing it roughly.

You’ll get the best travel experience with luggage that’s meant to last up to years –thanks to its lightweight and durable material selection. If you’re a frequent traveler or a tourist, here’s good news for you – Hardside luggage, your perfect travel partner!

No doubt, the Softside luggage sets have their own charm, but the sturdiness and strength Hardsides offer are unrivaled. Most of them come in a ‘clamshell’ layout having two similar packing areas fastened with zippers or tie-downs.

We’re here with our exclusive top ten picks to make your travel experience remarkable. Plus, the detailed buying guide will make you a step closer to your purchase. So let’s get right into the business!

Best Hardside Luggage Sets

Best Hardside Luggage Sets – Our Top 10 Picks

Hardside Luggage Sets  Grades  
Samsonite Winfield Premium 3-Piece Luggage Set Best Practicality View Latest Price
Amazon Basics 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Overall View Latest Price
American Tourister Moonlight 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Aesthetics View Latest Price
Samsonite Midmost 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Luxury View Latest Price
Coolife Flexible 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Lightweight View Latest Price
Showkoo 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Sturdy View Latest Price
Kenneth Cole 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Compact View Latest Price
Coolife PC+ABS Durable 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Affordable View Latest Price
Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage Set Best Protection View On Amazon
Travelers Club 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Portable View On Amazon

Here we go with our exclusive top ten picks

1. Samsonite Winfield Premium 3-Piece Luggage Set

Samsonite, a brand known for its unrivaled durability, is now up with the latest iteration of the Winfield 2 series. The scratch and dent-resistant polycarbonate construction make it sturdy enough to bear the harshest of traveling conditions.

And you know what? The TSA-approved side-mounted lock lets the thieves away and only lets TSA agents scrutinize it. The overall body is much lighter in weight but heavier in practicality. The smooth-gliding 360-degrees multidirectional wheels and the easy-going push-button handle adds a little more to the practicality.

The classy aesthetical metal finishing, enhanced security, and long-lasting construction make it the best 3 piece hardside spinner luggage set. Plus, the fully-lined interior won’t disappoint you with its organizational pockets, compression band, and oversized zipper.

Luggage 20″ (20″H x 13.5″W)6.7lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 16.5″W)9.3lbs
Luggage 28″ (28″H x 19W)11.5lbs
Offered 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch Luggage
Premium TSA Locks
Trouble-Free Spinner Wheels
10-Year Warranty 
Product Pros
  • The aesthetic construction nThree functional sizesnMeant to last longer nCompact-looking exterior n
Product Cons
  • Quite expensive nLittle weighty than competitors n

2. Amazon Basics 3-Pcs Luggage Set

It goes without saying that Amazon Basics has packed some brilliant amount of practicality in their travel gear – the Hardside luggage set is the perfect depiction of it. With 39L, 69L, and 105L capacities, you get a lot of space to plan a trip for a complete family.

Although the overall ABS construction isn’t any exception to its competitors, the scratch-resistant coating is Amazon Basics’s approach to strength and durability. There are some perks when you open the main zipper –the 150D-polyester organizer and three zippered pockets.

Four double spinner wheels on each suitcase and an easy-gliding push-button locking handle add a lot to your comfort while you’re rolling it on the ground. The spacious inlined interior and good build outside make Amazon Basics outstanding luggage set for the family.

Luggage 21″ (29 liters)7.34lbs
Luggage 26″ (69 liters)9.63lbs
Luggage 30″ (105 liters)12.21lbs
Offered 20/24/28 inch 3 Pcs Luggage Set
100% ABS Hardside Construction
Scratch-Resistant Stuff
4 Double Smooth Spinner Wheels 
Product Pros
  • Rugged and contoured handlenGreat value for moneynWeightless bodyn
Product Cons
  • Lacks TSA-mounted lock

3. American Tourister Moonlight 3-Pcs Luggage Set

If you’re willing to invest a heavy amount in getting a stylish suitcase, there’s nothing better than American Tourister’s latest Moonlight series. The rugged marble pattern makes the suitcases look sleek, aesthetic, and even durable than before.

Do you know what makes it stand in our top picks? Its practical interior design –that features a book opening case, a meshed divider, compression straps, and a zippered pocket –thanks to the smart construction.

The three sizes include 7.5lbs, 9.3lbs, and 11lbs with a 1.5†expansion capacity to let you pack more. The gripped and contoured aluminum handle fits firmly in your hand. Moreover, the spinner wheels come into play in all directions once you land them on the ground.

Luggage 21″ (20″H x 14.5″W)7.5lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 16″W)9.3lbs
Luggage 28″ (29.25″H x 19W)11lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch 3 Pcs Set
Effortless Smooth Spinner Wheels
Lightweight & Durable
10 Year Limited Warranty
Product Pros
  • Compact and lightweight nScratch-resistant coating nA beautiful design nGood expanding capacity n
Product Cons
  • Awful chemical smell

4. Samsonite Midmost 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Samsonite is again here to mark its debut with the most luxury luggage set. The quality you probably have not seen before and the level of sturdiness are honestly remarkable. The polycarbonate Hardside luggage material and deeply-grooved twilling texture make it perfectly durable to withstand airline pressures.

The four multidirectional casters keep a perfect balance of weight and let you roll the suitcase effortlessly. One of the most anticipated things, the side-mounted TSA lock, is the best thing Samsonite offers in the luggage sets.

When you open the main zipper, a fully-lined and organized interior is waiting for you – thanks to its zippered and elasticated compartments. If quality has always been your top priority, don’t hesitate to spend some extra dollars on it.

Luggage 20″ (19.6″H x 14.75″W)7.5lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 16.5″W)9.5lbs
Luggage 28″ (27.75″H x 19.5W)10.8lbs
Available in 20/24/28 Inch Luggage Set
Exceptional TSA Locks
Scratch Resistant Stuff
Smooth Wheels & 10 Year Warranty
Product Pros
  • Spacious and expandable nTSA-approved locks nEasy to handle nUnrivaled durabilityn
Product Cons
  • Flimsy zipper

5. Coolife Flexible 3-Pcs Luggage Set

There’s no exaggeration in saying that Coolife has some ground-breaking records designing some exceptionally durable and lightweight traveling gear. This 3-pcs luggage set is not an exception – all thanks to the extra-strong ABS construction.

Moreover, the Coolife ensures durability by finishing the exterior with scratch and impact-resistant coatings. There are molded guard reinforcements on each suitcase to tackle any shock for adding a little bit to the impact resistance.

Let’s dig a little deeper! There are a main zippered compartment and compression straps to keep the clothes in place. The TSA-approved combination lock, telescoping handle, and light-duty rollers are some other perks you get in these budget Hardside luggage sets. If you have an eye on it, you don’t certainly need to have your pockets deep down –it’s a great budget buy.

Luggage 20″ (22.4″H x 8.7″W)6.7lbs
Luggage 24″ (26.6″H x 9.8″W)8.1lbs
Luggage 28″ (30.3″H x 11.4W)10.8lbs
Offered 20/24/28 inch 3 Pcs Luggage Set
 Premium ABS Hardside Material
Elite TSA Locks
Top Quality Spinner Wheels
Product Pros
  • Easy-rolling wheelsnEnhanced security nPush-button locking system nSpacious interior n
Product Cons
  • The smaller suitcase is quite cramped

6. Showkoo 3-Pcs Luggage Set

We all know that Showkoo is the king of sturdiness, having every traveler’s back with this advanced 3-pcs luggage set series. If you’re looking for the best luggage for a week-long business trip, there’s nothing better than the compact-looking ABS and polycarbonate construction.

What makes it unique, by the way? This luggage test has passed multiple tests, including impact, drop, walk, oscillations, and fatigue tests that proved its sturdy quality. The three capacities, including 38L, 60L, and 98L, ensure enough room for packing clothes for more than a week.

When we explore its interior, there’s a small compartment between hard shells for placing makeup, wallet, or toothbrushes. The TSA-approved lock along with a telescoping locking handle system, adds to the security.

Luggage 20″ (38 liters)6.25lbs
Luggage 24″ (60 liters)8.4lbs
Luggage 28″ (93 liters)9.6lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch 3 Pcs Sets
PC+ABS Hardside Medium
Premium TSA Locks & Spinner Wheels
2-year Worldwide Warranty
Product Pros
  • Multidirectional smooth and silent rollers nFinger protection materialnLightweight construction n
Product Cons
  • Zipper guard could’ve been better

7. Kenneth Cole 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Here’s classy luggage set by Kenneth Cole Reaction’s top-line ‘Out of Bounds’ series that’s a perfect depiction of style and function. No matter you’re up for business travel or a family trip, the combination of 6.2lbs, 8.4lbs, and 9.6lbs suitcases will serve you well.

The durable ABS construction finished with a protective hardshell casing adds much to its strength and is exceptionally lightweight. You don’t have to worry about airline restrictions or extra luggage fees. This business travel bag with wheels to roll smoothly relieve pressure from your arms and make the ride easier.

The suitcase’s interior is fair enough with the main compartment, a large zippered pocket, and tether straps to keep things organized. If there were a TSA-approved combination lock, this luggage set would’ve been on the top.

Luggage 20″ (21.70″H x 14″W)6.25lbs
Luggage 24″ (26″H x 18″W)8.4lbs
Luggage 28″ (29.5″H x 20.5W)9.6lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
ABS Hardside Superficial
Multilateral Smooth Wheels
International Carry-on
Product Pros
  • Exceptionally lightweight and compact nContoured and anti-slip handlenSmooth-rolling spinnersn
Product Cons
  • No additional organizational compartments

8. Coolife PC+ABS Durable 3-Pcs Luggage Set

If your budget doesn’t allow you to have a luxury luggage set, don’t worry; you can still get the best bang for your buck. Here’s a Coolife 3-pcs luggage set that not only fits your budget but also fills your craving for style, quality, and functionality.

Coolife’s hardside luggage set features ABS and polycarbonate material molded into three sizes -38L, 60L, and 90L. You don’t feel any compromise on the protection. For enhanced security, Coolife made use of a TSA-approved combination lock system.

The ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle and 360-degree smooth-rolling wheels are additional perks you get in this budget buy. And you know what? The material expands by 15% to provide you with an additional packing capacity.

Luggage 20″ (38 liters)6lbs
Luggage 24″ (60 liters)7.3lbs
Luggage 28″ (93 liters)9.7lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
ABS+PC Hardside Stuff
Premium TSA Lock
2-Year Warranty
Product Pros
  • Enhances zipper qualitynFully-lined interior nFlexible design n
Product Cons
  • Durability could’ve been improved

9. Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage Set

If you’ve some valuables to carry abroad, then Ben Sherman Nottingham Luggage Set has got you covered with its advanced protection system. The TSA-compatible lock provides optimal security to your valuables and keeps them safe against thefts and damage.

The smart polycarbonate construction makes it 20% more expandable when filled. Plus, the design is quite aesthetic, with deeply-grooved textures that add a lot more to its durability and strength. Once you bring the case to the ground, you’ll feel the real power of Ben Sherman’s 360-degree swivel casters.

Let’s explore what’s inside! There are X-fastening straps to keep clothes in place, an anti-splashing storage bag, and an alloy zipper inside. This suitcase looks compact outside, but trust me, there’s a lot to explore inside.

Luggage 20″ (22″H x 14″W)6.60lbs
Luggage 24″ (27″H x 17″W)8.9lbs
Luggage 28″ (30″H x 12.5″W)10.30lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch 3 Pcs Set
TSA-Acquire Lock
Ergonomic Handle System
Smooth Wheels
Product Pros
  • Capacious interiornConvenient rebound handle nABS materialnCorner guard protection
Product Cons
  • Quite bulky nNo TSA locks

10. Travelers Club 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Travelers Club is a renowned name in the outdoor world – if you’re a tourist or a frequent flyer, only you’d be aware of it. The 3-pcs luggage set is a perfect depiction of their unrivaled durability. It features 100% ABS hardshell construction with a fully-lined interior.

An interesting thing! It comes in a combination of a suitcase, a boarding tote, and a travel kit. There’s a slide-on on the tote through which you can add it to the luggage. The suitcase comprises additional zippered compartments and compression straps to organize the stuff.

Moreover, it features four single-wheel spinners to glide on any surface smoothly. The material can expand up to 20%, adding more to the packing capacity.

Luggage 20″ (20″H x 11.5″W)8lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 12.7″W)9lbs
Luggage 28″ (28″H x 11.5W)11lbs
Available in 20 inc, 15″ Boarding tote, and 10″ Travel kit 
Luggage Has 4 Smooth Wheels
ABS Hard-Shell Luggage Construction
Premium Handle System
Product Pros
  • Locking handle system nPerfect combinationnLightweight and portable n
Product Cons
  • No TSA-approved lock

The Detailed Buying Guide – Best Hardside Luggage Set

With some jaw-dropping styles, shapes, brands, and colors in the market, the task of choosing the best hardshell luggage sets becomes even more daunting. When you love its style, the color may not look appealing to you, and sometimes the price tag doesn’t fit your budget. What’s the catch, by the way? Don’t worry! Just have to consider the following things to make the right purchase. So let’s dive into it!

The Material Comes First!

Although you don’t have a vast material collection in the Hardside luggage, it’s still confusing to choose the right one. Most of them feature polycarbonate and ABS plastic construction –that’s the lightest of all. And if you want to move a step ahead, there are aluminum construction hard shells that offer never-ending durability.

But make sure what you need? Weight or durability? Because aluminum Hardsides are quite hefty and it becomes quite challenging to carry everywhere. If investing some extra dollars isn’t a problem for you, then go for aluminum luggage sets.

What about the Brand?

What to do when you have the unrivaled durability of Tumi, the excellent weight balance of Rimowa, and the great sturdiness of Samsonite in front of you? You might be puzzled right now!

Set your priority that what you actually are looking for in your luggage. Trust me, once you do it, choosing the right brand isn’t a headache anymore. Even if you choose any of these, you’ll not regret it. But keep in mind –the brand matters a lot!

It Should Be Expandable

The choices become quite narrow when you start seeing expandability in the Hardside luggage sets. Because it’s actually the feature of soft-sided ones, some brands are still offering up to 15% of expandability in their hard shells. Sometimes it gets necessary to add some extra gatherings in your luggage –the expanding nature comes into play at that time. So don’t forget to consider it!

Internal Construction

Those suitcases are the best ones that contain an organized interior with some additional meshed, zippered, or elasticated compartments. If you want the top-notch Hardside luggage sets, don’t neglect the internal layout. It helps keep the tiny things tidy and organized.

It’s still acceptable if there are two main compartments separated by a mesh or fabric –that’s most common in hard shells. But it would be best if there are more pockets to separate the little things.

How much can you invest?

If you want a durable, long-lasting travel partner, don’t hesitate to invest a decent amount. Although there are some budget-friendly options in the market too, that will meet your requirements. They won’t last up to years.  But the elite models, despite their great practicality and construction, are meant to last longer. So set your budget –it will narrow down your choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hardside luggage better than soft side?

If you’re going to travel some breakable or fragile items, then for sure, Hardsides are far better than their softer counterparts. They come with an integrated locking system and much easier to open anytime. Among the Hardsides, aluminum ones are the best ones.

Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage?

Airlines usually prefer Softside luggage for a sound reason. The Softshell luggage is far lighter and portable than hard shells. The soft shells aren’t that durable; they may rip off earlier than their harder counterparts.

Does hard shell luggage crack?

Here’s a big YES! Despite being exceptionally durable and sturdy, the hard shell luggage is prone to cracks and dents. If you’re choosing some low-quality polycarbonate luggage sets, they will get cracked when exposed to extreme stress. However, the softer ones are quite more flexible and scratch-proof.

What is the best Hardside Spinner luggage?

Samsonite Winfield 2 3-Pcs Luggage Set is the Hardside luggage set with unrivaled durability, strength, and aesthetics. With Samsonite, you get what you actually crave.

Final Verdict

When you have the best hardshell luggage set as your traveling partner around, there’s nothing to worry about. So there we go with our top ten picks that are best in all the ways. All you’ve to do is choose the one that suits best to your needs and budget. In the end, we’d love to declare our top pick – the overall winner of the round.

If you’re still confused about getting the best luggage set, you can surely go with our recommendation. Samsonite Winfield 2 3-Pcs Luggage Set is our top pick because of its tough shell coating, enhanced durability, and protection. Plus, the lined interior and practical design go well with every traveler.

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