[TOP 10] Best Backpacks For College Students With Laptops Compartment

When it comes to college students gather a lot of things including books, laptops, boxes, and bottles. What’s the next, by the way? a backpack, most probably for perfect organization.

Believe it or not, but you will find yourself stuck to and from classes throughout the day as a college student. Thatโ€™s where having a backpack is essential.

The ever-lasting durability is what you need, trust me. From sleek shapes, and rich textures to useful compartments these heavy-duty backpacks for college have got you covered.

So instead of wasting time and money looking for some ideal backpacks for guys that can help you get the maximum out of it. Sounds impressive, right?

Moreover, the detailed buying guide will help you choose the best bang for your buck.

Best College Backpacks For Guys

Best College Backpacks For Guys in 2022

Letโ€™s get right into our top picks!

Top Backpacks Scores  
BOPAI Intelligent Premium Backpack 4.9/5.0 View Latest Price
SWISSGEAR Laptop Backpack 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price
North Face Recon Laptop Backpack 4.8/5.0 View Latest Price
Sterkmann Carry on Backpack 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price
BOSTANTEN Leather Laptop Backpack 4.5/5.0 View Latest Price
Herschel Quiz Backpack 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price
Ridge The Weatherproof Backpack 4.6/5.0 View Latest Price
BANGE Weekender Backpack 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price
JanSport College Backpack 4.8/5.0 View Latest Price
Kenneth Cole Women’s Backpack 4.7/5.0 View Latest Price

1. BOPAI Intelligent Premium Backpack – Best Overall

Here we go with our best overall, exclusive top pick, the Bopal Intelligent backpack that deserves to be on the top of our list. The anti-theft design features an invisible pocket to keep your necessary things safe.

Let’s talk about the design! The smooth zippers incorporated on the back features an invisible compartment that’s equipped with an additional 50% space.

Moreover, the back sleeve design allows you to handle the luggage with effortless mobility. The micro-fiber leather water-resistant construction makes it the Best college backpack for guys.

This roomy backpack features a roomy area including a USB port enabling you to charge your devices wherever you desire.

It weighs 2.4lbs
Intelligent design
15.6 inches standing screen
  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Incredibly sturdy and versatile
  • High-performance storage capacity
  • Not much breathable

2. SWISSGEAR Laptop Backpack – Best Construction

SWISSGEAR is right here with one of the top-line products, the college backpacks, which are known for excellent performance. The innovative design comes with a lay-flat tech compartment along with an additional table pocket and laptop sleeve.

Whatโ€™s more? The high-grade zipper metal closure provides an additional barrier of security for all your essentials. A shoe pocket adds more to the versatility of this device.

You cannot neglect the integrated high-quality USB port that allows the user to charge the devices wherever they are.  Furthermore, the fully-ventilated back panel with ergonomic straps delivers a quality performance while traveling.

15-inch standing screen display
It weighs 2.99lbs
Superior construction and design
Large Compartments
  • Designed for commuting
  • Excellent construction
  • Highly comfortable
  • A bit expensive

3. North Face Recon Laptop Backpack – Best Material

North Face products are now dominating the aftermarket with their peerless practicality and durability. This iconic backpack offers a FlexVent suspension system featuring a mesh panel, shoulder straps, and a fully padded lumbar panel to provide high-grade comfort.

With two water bottle mesh pockets, a front pocket along with extra lined pockets, and a zipper it is absolutely one of the ideal backpacks for college students. The top handle and sternum strap add more support and safety with a customized fit.

The multi-use pockets ensure a customized fit and one spacious compartment to keep the laptop reliably in place. That’s what a college student needs, isn’t it?

Brilliant material
Comes with a volume of 30L
One-size design
Volume 30 Liters
  • Incredibly durable and robust
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Keep things organized
  • Not much decent design

4. Sterkmann Carry on Backpack – Best Design

Here’s a win-win deal for those on a low budget. The Sterkmann carry-on backpack is spreading value in this budget-friendly backpack. The eco-polyester material is fully waterproof to withstand the roughs and toughs, no doubt.

The backpack comes with three basic compartments, 2 elastic, and 12 inner pockets to help you keep things organized. The exterior zipper will keep away the moisture.

With fully breathable and extremely padded cushions with shoulder straps ensure high-grade comfort to reduce weight on shoulders. Therefore, with such ultimate comfort, this backpack is no more than a treat for many users.

It weighs 3lbs
20-30L weight capacity
Swedish minimalistic Design
Separate Compartments
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Spacious and roomy design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The side water bottle compartment is not much reliable

5. BOSTANTEN Leather Laptop Backpack – Best Performance

With practicality and durability going hand in hand, the BOSTANTEN backpack offers heavy-duty polyester lining with a customized design and zipper closure.

Letโ€™s talk about the structure! The backpack includes one primary zipper pocket and one small zippered pocket along with a backside pocket for ideal organization.

The inner structure features one zipper, two slashes, and one laptop pocket to keep your devices in place. The soft leather with vibrant color and a one-year limited warranty makes it a suitable choice for many users.

The backpack weighs 2.2lbs
Can carry a laptop
Soft and weatherproof
Effective Impression
  • Durable shoulder straps
  • Massive capacity
  • High-grade zipper pocket
  • The zipper isnโ€™t much sturdy

6. Herschel Quiz Backpack – Best Lightweight

Herschel has got an excellent reputation in manufacturing premium quality backpacks and this pop-quiz backpack is one of the most lightweight backpacks for college. Letโ€™s get right into the details!

The backpack constitutes a signature striped quality liner with a waterproof zipper for added performance. The fleece-lined with a high-grade padded design offers a 15-inch laptops sleeve offering better organization. With such a classic design and different sizing options, it is genuinely a beneficial option for many students.

Whatโ€™s more? Have you seen the front pocket including a decent mesh organizer? It undoubtedly offers high-grade reliability to the user. With many pockets and zippers, it is a better choice when searching for a compact backpack.

It comes with a 22L capacity
Weighs 15.1ounces
Decent warranty
Waterproof protection
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Sturdy design
  • Multiple sizing options
  • Not much water-resistant

7. Ridge The Weatherproof Backpack – Best Durability

There is no exaggeration in saying that the Ridge classic Backpack has made its position as a brilliant canvas backpack for college guys with its rugged and refined construction.

With nylon shell construction and metal zippers, you can take the backpack wherever you desire. Furthermore, the inner compartments and outer pocket will assist you to keep the entire thing in place.

From a luggage strap to a water bottle holder and external USB port along with an additional pocket for power bank, the backpack has got all.

It offers a 22L volume capacity
The backpack weighs 1.12lbs
Durable and heavy-duty construction
YKK strong zippers 
  • Rugged yet refined performance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Exceptional quality
  • Nothing so far

8. BANGE Weekender Backpack – Best Organization

Letโ€™s just say that BANGE WEEKENDER has packed a decent amount of quality in this latest ultra-durable backpack allowing you to easily switch either to backpack or suitcase with the two handles.

With a 19-inch laptop compartment and plenty of other compartments it offers brilliant organization and performance, no doubt. The zippers are ultimately durable reducing any chance of explosion.

Besides this, the internal waterproofing and high-grade PVC material can keep all your belongings safe. The back design comes with an ergonomic airflow and soft multi-panel for added comfort.

The backpack offers a large size
Comes with a 26-45L maximum capacity
It weighs 3.52lbs
Dimensions 19.5×13
  • Extra-large volume capacity
  • Weatherproof compartments
  • Effective and practical organization
  • A bit bulky

9. JanSport College Backpack

Are you looking for an ideal waterproof backpack for college students? Nothing can be better than JanSport’s high-quality student backpack with 100% polyester construction that’s durable enough to provide ultimate performance.

With a signature leather bottom design and S-curve highly ergonomic shoulder strap and handle this backpack is no more an exception. Sounds fantastic, right?

Other than this, the bag reflects your style with its vibrant color and durable fabric along with a padded back panel ensuring decent support and performance. The backpack also offers a lifetime warranty making it suitable for many users.

It offers a 14-inch shoulder drop
It weighs 0.6kg
Superiorly iconic design
Lifetime warranty
  • Exceptionally waterproof
  • Quality comfort
  • Effortless access with large capacity
  • Not much reliable design

10. Kenneth Cole Women’s Backpack – Best Affordability

Lastly, we have on our list, Kenneth Cole women’s backpack that ensures durability and affordability goes hand in hand. With plenty of premium features at such a budget-friendly price, it is, unfortunately, the most affordable backpack for college.

Let’s talk about the material! It features chevron quilted polyester construction with a completely water-resistant exterior design making it worth considering. Moreover, the tear-resistant polyester lining and premium zippers are exceptional, no doubt. 

The adjustable and breathable shoulder straps provide the user maximum comfort while moving. The trolley strap incorporated can be used as luggage upright handles.

Offers a 14-inch laptop compartment
     It weighs 2.15lbs
Comfy and attractive design
Premium multipurpose
  • Great value for money
  • Keeps the essentials organized
  • Multi-functional
  • Straps arenโ€™t much reliable

Things to consider while buying the Best College Backpacks

Various top-notch models have made some breathtaking records in manufacturing quality backpacks allowing the students to get the best experience, no doubt.

Have you seen how Bopal has made some groundbreaking records in making decent and durable backpacks? What about the aesthetics provided by SWISSGEAR? It is a great deal. You cannot neglect the brilliant performance offered by Sterkmann.

It is pretty intimidating to find the right model when you have so many options available. How to find the backpacks for college guys? Well, this guide will help you.  

  • Consider size and weight!

The topmost things to consider are the size and weight. It’s the top consideration! Find something light and strong to get the performance you desire.

Bags made with bulky material are pretty heavier so itโ€™s better to get a backpack thatโ€™s a perfect blend of quality and design.

  • What about durability?

Basically, you will need something durable enough to last for extended times. Search for a backpack with excellent stitching, straps, and multiple handling options. They should be well-anchored to work reliably.

If the bag comes with rubber and bulky cloth in the bottom area it will help the bag stand up rather than being dropped on the ground whenever you place it.

  • Donโ€™t forget the compartments and pockets

There is no need of getting a backpack with one cavernous compartment. In this way, you can keep things organized.

But wait! If you are having a laptop it’s beneficial to get a bag with a decent laptop compartment for better functioning. Now also consider the other odds and ends such as a correct place for notepads, water bottles, etc. There should be a spot for everything you require.

  • Material

When looking for material the thing that will tell you how strong is the fabric is a denier. Basically, it measures the fiber density that makes the fabric.

The non-synthetic material features leather and cotton. You will find cotton lightweight and inexpensive rather than leather being bulky and costly. Itโ€™s all up to you which material you choose that will work the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best backpacks for college students?

Although all models on our list are top-notch and feature multiple features with durable quality, no doubt but still some models deserve to be acknowledged.

BOPAI Intelligent Increase Backpack deserved to be our top pick with its ultimate design and high-grade construction. Other than this, BOSTANTEN Backpack is also one of the most stylish backpacks for college with unique design and quality construction.

  • Can a backpack be checked luggage?

Generally, you can use the backpack as a checked or carry-on luggage. YES! You heard that right. Ensure that you have packed the backpack carefully that will give you little stress when you get on the plane. Therefore, keep it in mind.

  • Does a backpack count as a personal item?

What makes the backpack used as a personal item? If the backpack fits right in front of your seat then you can consider it a personal item. You can consider the small backpacks as your item. It all depends on your backpack’s size.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to college, carrying your books throughout the year is pretty tiring. You have to get the backpacks for college students for this job, no doubt.

Everyone desires that their backpack is beneficial to cope up with every situation. Unfortunately, no one wants their expensive notebooks soaked in rain, right? Therefore, you have to get the most durable one.

The best college backpacks for guys allow students to spread the weight reliably across their shoulders. It will eliminate injuries that might result due to excessive weight on your shoulders. Therefore, you have to look for the most reliable one that will suit all your needs.

Isnโ€™t it confusing? Donโ€™t worry we have made it easier. We have mentioned below our top pick that will not disappoint you. Hereโ€™s our recommendation!

BOPAI Intelligent Increase Backpack is a perfect amalgam of durability and practicality combined. From anti-theft design to high portability this backpack is considered one of the lightweight backpacks for college. So donโ€™t waste more time and grab yours!

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