Best Affordable Luggage Sets – Updated Cheap Models

Whether you are a seasonal vacationer, frequent flyer, or entrepreneur who’s always on the move, you probably have done booking a business-class flight and a luxury hotel room. What’s next, by the way? – a suitcase, most probably.

We love to spend hefty amounts on the experience part of travel. When it comes to spending hard-earned money on travel-related gear, we try to be much more economical. Isn’t it?

Instead of wasting time and money getting all the components separately, why don’t you look for the best affordable luggage sets to save up some extra dollars? From a two-piece duffel and a roller set to full five-piece luggage set with variable sizes, we have got your back with our exclusive top 10 picks.

Moreover, the detailed buying guide will make you choose the best bang for the buck – and of course, you’ll get to save and spend those dollars on the things you actually care about.

Best Affordable Luggage Sets

The Best Affordable Luggage Sets – Buying Guide

Luggage Sets  Grades  
SHOWKOO 3-Piece Luggage Set Best Overall View Latest Price
Amazon Basics 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Rolling Wheels View Latest Price
Rockland Safari Leopard 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Aesthetics View Latest Price
COOLIFE Rolling 4-Pcs Luggage Set Affordable Luggage View Latest Price
Rockland London 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Interior View Latest Price
Merax P.E.T Lightweight Luggage Set Best Economical View Latest Price
 Wrangler Dorado Featured 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Quality View Latest Price
COOLIFE 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Impact Resistant View Latest Price
Murtisol Hardshell 3-Pcs Luggage Set Best Lightweight View Latest Price
Travelers Midtown Club 4-Pcs Luggage Set Best Material View Latest Price

Let’s get right into our exclusive top ten picks in detail!

1. SHOWKOO 3-Piece Luggage Set

Here comes the king of sturdiness, SHOWKOO, with its latest lightweight luggage sets series that rivals its competitors with its impact-resistant, lighter, and ABS hard-shell material. YES! You get all these perks at an affordable cost.

When it comes to the privacy and protection of your luggage, there’s nothing better than SHOWKOO’s exceptional TSA lock mounted on the side. It only allows TSA agents to scrutinize the case, and it’s ideally safe in all ways.

The 360-degree multi-directional spinning wheels move the bag smoothly in all directions – that’s what a traveler needs. This set comprises three bags with capacities of 6.3lbs, 7.7lbs, and 10.6lbs. They look compact outside, but trust me; they are too roomy to accommodate anything. 

Let’s talk about durability! SHOWKOO has stunned its users with the ever-lasting quality of the material. The polycarbonate finishing makes the bag withstand even the harshest of traveling conditions.

Luggage 20″ (15.2″ x 8.9″)6.3lbs
Luggage 24″ (17.8″x 9.9″)7.7lbs
Luggage 28″ (19.9″ x 12.6″)10.6lbs
Premium TSA Lock
ABS Hardshell Construction
Optimal Spinner Wheels
 2 Year Warranty

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Durable for family travel
  • Holding large capacity
  • Spacious and practical interior
  • Best value for money

What Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Lack outer compartments
  • Low quality of handles

2. Amazon Basics 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Despite taking care of traveler’s pockets, Amazon Basics is right here with its 3-Pcs pliant, inexpensive luggage sets having unrivaled durability. And you know what makes it exceptionally durable? Thanks to Amazon Basics’s protective, extra-thick scratch-resistant ABS construction for increased strength.

You get 15% more capacity to add in 39L, 69L, and even 105L suitcases. The fully-lined interior features a 150D-polyester organizer along with multiple zippered pockets to arrange the tiny things neatly. The telescoping handle locks up in place and offers an excellent grip.

Let’s talk about the rolling capability! The four double-spinner wheels come right into play when you roll it on any surface. Plus, you feel no strain on your arms –thanks to their smoothness.

Luggage 21″ (29 liters)7.34lbs
Luggage 26″ (69 liters)9.63lbs
Luggage 30″ (105 liters)12.21lbs
High-Grade ABS Hard Shell
untroubled Rolling Wheels
150D-Nylon Outside
The Luggage Weight: 30.6 Pounds

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for long trips
  • 150D interior organization
  • Sturdy exterior
  • Smooth-rolling wheels

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • No TSA-approved lock
  • Lacks aluminum-handle build

3. Rockland Safari Leopard 3-Pcs Luggage Set

Are you a style-savvy traveler, and design is all that you need in your luggage set? Rockland Safari Leopard-designed set has got you covered with its brilliant aesthetics. The polycarbonate hard-shell proofing makes it resistant to scratches, dents, water, and even the harshest conditions – maintaining the style for years.

If you’re a student, the lightweight and compact construction will serve you well. There are multiple nylon compartments and straps to keep things highly organized, making it one of the best luggage sets for college students.

The U-shaped contoured telescoping handle ensures easy maneuvering and great control. You’ll roll over the suitcase smoothly – thanks to Rockland’s double spinner wheels. The good news is you certainly don’t need to have your pockets to be deep down – the reason it’s in our top picks.

Luggage 20″ (22″Hx 13.5″W)6lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″Wx15″H)8lbs
Luggage 28″ (28″Hx17″W)10lbs
Premium Controlled Handle
Smooth Wheel
Scratches & Dust Resistant

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Ergonomic design
  • Organized interior compartments
  • Mesh pockets
  • Great value for money
  • Top-notch spinner wheels

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • No outer pockets
  • Quality could’ve been a little better

4. COOLIFE Rolling 4-Pcs – Best Affordable Luggage Sets

COOLIFE is now here with its recent Hardside Luggage Set series that comprises three suitcases of 38L, 60L, 93L. The amazing thing is, despite being a budget-friendly option, COOLIFE has molded ABS plastic material into a practical and ergonomic design.

The sturdy build and ever-lasting durability make it one of the best luggage for international travel. The next level of protection in the form of a 3-digit TSA-approved lock makes it ideal for international travel. Only you and TSA agents will be able to access the lock, so you’re safe against thefts.

The spinner wheels that rotate in all directions ensure silent rollovers. Plus, the retractable aluminized handle with a trolley grip relieves stress from the arms. With the fully-lined interior and multiple zippered compartments, you get an approach to the remarkable traveling experience.

Luggage 20″ (22.5″H x 9.25″W)6.3lbs
Luggage 24″ (26.5″H x 18.25″W)7.9lbs
Luggage 28″ (30.25″H x 20.70W)10lbs
First-Rate ABS Hardshell
Premium TSA Lock
Qualitative wheels
Large Capacity

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Fully-lined interior
  • Family set
  • Noise-free ride
  • Unparalleled durability
  • Enhanced protection

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Not expandable
  • No TSA locks

5. Rockland London 3-Pcs Luggage Set – Best Interior

Rockland has marked its debut again with the Champagne 3-Pcs Luggage Set series to keep the travelers back. Starting from the construction, the Rockland has kept a nice balance in price and quality for what it’s right here on our list. The interior is intelligently structured with elasticated and zippered pockets to provide a pleasing layout.

This 3-Pcs set comprises three 6lbs, 8lbs, and 10bs suitcases. Moreover, to answer the weightedness of a suitcase, Rockland made use of the lightest thick-layered ABS plastic material. And you know what? It’s meant to serve you the same even in the 100th turn.

Moreover, the double-spinner wheels and push-button handle come into play to provide you a smooth and comfy ride. The suitcase looks compact and solid outside, but trust me, it’s a lot stretchy to maximize the packing capacity.

Luggage 22″ (22″H x 13.5″W)6lbs
Luggage 24″ (24″H x 15″W)8lbs
Luggage 28″ (28.5″H x 17.5W)10lbs
Offered 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
100%  ABS Stuff
Excellent Quality of Wheels
Strong Grip Handle

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Spacious inside
  • Flexible pockets
  • Durable construction
  • A good value for money
  • Substantial compartment

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Only a normal lock present
  • There are no TSA locks
  • Low stability

6. Merax P.E.T Lightweight Luggage Set – Best Economical

Merax has packed a decent amount of quality, practicality, and durability in its latest PET cheap luggage set.  Despite being the most economical choice on our list, its innovative design meets every traveler’s hankering. Plus, the TSA-mounted combination lock on the side ensures the next level of protection to your valuables.

Let’s dig a little deeper! There’s something unique for you. The PET material construction makes the exterior resistant to water, high and low temperature. Plus, there’s an additional UV-resistant coating to bring the anti-aging feature into play.

The spinner wheels are relatively silent than the competitors that ensuring a peaceful ride. The retractable handle is finely contoured, and reinforced corner bumpers add to overall aesthetics and comfort.

Luggage 20″ (21″H x 15″W)6lbs
Luggage 24″ (26″H x 8″W)8lbs
Luggage 28″ (30″H x 20W)10lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
Standard PET Material
Premium 3 Digit TSA LOCK
Exquisite Silent Wheels

What We Like ( Pros )

  • TSA-approved combination lock
  • UV-radiation shielding
  • PET exterior
  • Cheapest in our line
  • Smooth and comfy wheels

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Not dent-resistant
  • Lake of TSA locks quality

7. Wrangler Dorado Featured 3-Pcs Luggage Set – Best Quality

Wrangler has an excellent reputation in manufacturing quality outdoor gear –the EI Dorado Luggage set collection is not an exception. The 100% ABS construction and brilliant aesthetics make it hard to believe that it’s a great budget buy. YES! You read that right.

Despite having a finely-lined interior with a compression band, Wrangler has expressed its smartness in designing a practical exterior. There’s a patented 3-in-1 cup holder, a phone holder, and a built-in USB connecter to provide you with convenience during your journey.

The push-button recessed locking handle system and the side handles keep you roll and handle carefully. You feel great smoothness and comfort while riding it –Thanks to the multi-directional 360-degree rotary double spinner wheels. The spacious interior makes it great luggage set for family. The dimensions are not given by the manufacturer’s company. You can check their official website for the product dimensions.

Available in 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
Weight: 27 Pounds
USP Port With Cup Holder
Admirable Wheels

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Long-lasting build
  • USB port
  • Smart features
  • Easy wheels mobility
  • Provides effortless mobility
  • Expandable and lightweight

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Limited color options
  • Some airlines do have an issue with this luggage

8. COOLIFE 3-Pcs Luggage Set – Best Impact Resistant

If you’re a student and looking for one of the best luggage sets for study abroad, you’ve got on the right thing. The classy yet practical design makes it ideal for a student. The durable PC and ABS plastic construction give a feeling of metallic finishing –hence the sturdiness comes right here.

Only TSA agents can scrutinize the locks because the TSA-approved combination lock won’t let any stranger do so. No matter what you keep inside, your valuables are entirely safe –thanks to the impact-resistant guard reinforcements.

The telescopic 3-step handle comes with a cushion-comfort gripped top that contours well on your hand. The fully-featured interior, double spinner wheels, and overall sturdy construction make Coolife’s expandable luggage set an outstanding budget buy.

Luggage 20″ (22.4″H x 8.7″W)6.7lbs
Luggage 24″ (26.4″H x 9.8″W)8.1lbs
Luggage 28″ (30″H x 11.8W)10.8lbs
Offered 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
PC+ABS Stuff
 TSA Locks
2 Year Warranty

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Enhanced TSA protection
  • PC hard shell material
  • Corner protection guard
  • Spacious and roomy inside
  • Sturdy construction

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Quite weighty than competitors

9. Murtisol Hardshell 3-Pcs Luggage Set – Best Lightweight

If you’re looking for the best luggage sets for families that can offer you a capacious interior, the Murtisol 3-Pcs luggage set has got you covered. There’s a reasonable partition, both zippered and elasticated, to neatly organize all the family members’ clothes.

Murtisol deals with the protection well by bringing the 3-digit zipper-lock into these suitcases; you get to enjoy the double insurance. The 360-degree rotary wheels ensure a peaceful ride –thanks to their mute and strong bearing capacity.

Let’s talk about the material –the 100% ABS construction isn’t only lightweight but a scratch, dent, and waterproof too. The handle is engineered to relieve any stress on the arm and ensures excellent grip. These luggage sets look compact outside but trust me; you get a lot when exploring inside.

Dimensions are not given by company!

Available in 20/24/28 inch Luggage Sets
100% ABS Material
Troubleless Wheels
Smooth Handling

What We Like ( Pros )

  • The practical and capacious interior
  • Great value for money
  • Smoothly-gliding wheels
  • Passed from drop test
  • Silent wheels

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Pungently scented material
  • Lake of zippers quality

10. Travelers Midtown Club 4-Pcs Luggage Set – Best Material

Travelers Club is right here with 4-piece hard shell luggage sets to amaze its users with the unrivaled quality and improved design. It comprises a spinner suitcase, carry-on spinner luggage, a boarding tote, and a travel-kit toiletry bag to cover all your needs.

There’s a main zippered compartment inside the suitcase to provide additional space and smaller pockets to organize little things. Moreover, the elasticated straps position the clothes in place to avoid mess-ups. The exterior is quite practical with telescoping handles that lock up at different places by pressing the button.

The ABS material construction makes it sturdy and durable to withstand air travel pressures and luggage handlers. On the exterior, there’s a waterproof coating that makes it a great travel partner.

Travel tote 10″ (15″H x 5″W)1lb
Luggage 20″ (20″H x 13″W)2lbs
Luggage 26″ (26″H x 17.5.5″W)4lbs
Available in 20/24/28 inch 4Pcs Luggage Sets
The Luggage Weight: 19 Pounds
Smooth Rolling Wheels
Hardside Outside

What We Like ( Pros )

  • Guarded corners
  • Sturdy construction
  • Strong handles
  • Spacious and lined interior
  • Separate pockets for accessories

What We Don’t Like ( Cons )

  • Not dent-resistant
  • No TSA-approved lock

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Affordable Luggage Sets:

Keeping the enjoyable part of traveling aside, it’s quite stressful too. When you haven’t packed your gatherings nor even chosen the right luggage set, honestly, it becomes a headache. When you have some highly-rated models in front of you,

it’s quite challenging to come by the best one. What’s the catch, by the way? Don’t worry! We have got your back. We are here with our ultimate buying guide to narrow down your choices.

BRAND comes first!

Does your conscience satisfy when you get American Tourister or Samsonite’s luggage set? Or you love the quality of Delsey and Travelpro? What about the aesthetics Briggs and Riley offer? Wait, wait! Don’t get confused! Every brand is known for a particular thing.

Briggs and Riley has a life-time warranty to repair their luggage sets, and you won’t regret it if you go with it. Travelpro and Victorinox’s 5-year warranty is quite enough for the amount you pay. The choice is yours! But make sure you make a strong decision in this regard. Don’t neglect the warranties.

Stand – out Style – Aesthetics Matter!

You’re going to have a ride with the luggage set –your travel partner. So does the style bothers you? Well, for most people, it does! Make sure the design you’re choosing matches your personality. Let’s talk about interior design.

Most of the suitcases come with zippered internal compartments to organize the essentials. If you love to keep things organized and tidy, then make sure you get the bag that can serve you well.

What About the Material?

The hard-shell luggage sets mostly come in polycarbonate, aluminum, ABS, and polypropylene material. At the same time, the soft-shell luggage comes in flexible fabric –canvas or nylon. All these materials are good-to-go-with; the choice is yours. The actual thing you’ve to check in your luggage set is its exterior coating. Whatever the material is, make sure it’s resistant to water, stain, scratch, heat, and even impacts.

Protection is Important!

If you really want to safely reach your destination, don’t compromise on your luggage set’s locking system. Most of the luggage sets come with combination locks that make use of 3-4 digit combinations. You don’t have to worry about the keys.

Moreover, some luggage sets also come with cable locks or retractable cable locks that are quite versatile. We mostly recommend combination locks because of their great practicality. The most important thing, whatever the lock is, make sure it’s TSA-approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best inexpensive luggage?

Although all the luggage sets in our top picks are budget-friendly. if you still want the most economical one, here’s our recommendation. Merax P.E.T 3-Pcs Luggage Set has a brilliant amalgam of quality, style, and durability, despite being the cheapest.

What should I look for when buying a suitcase?

Cost is not only the thing you’ve to consider while buying the budget luggage set. There are a lot many things that come into play if you want the best bang for your buck. Some factors include design, interior compartment, quality, handle, protection, warranty, and even weight.

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

Samsonite has some ground-breaking records in durability combined with affordability. Except for some elite models, Samsonite provides a great combination of style, strength, and quality. However, there’s no exaggeration in saying that Pelican and Travelpro are at par with Samsonite when it comes to durability.

Do Hardshell suitcases crack?

Here’s a big YES! But wait, they always don’t crack if you’re taking great care of them. They are quite more durable but more prone to scratch or even cracks than the soft shell suitcases.

Final Verdict

Once you gear yourself up with the most sturdy travel gear – the adventure is no farther. Getting the best affordable luggage sets will not only save some extra dollars but provide the quality, style, and durability that rivals some elite models.

In the end, we’d love to declare the top pick that’s undoubtedly going to meet your needs. So if you’re confused about getting the best one, you can go with our recommendation.

SHOWKOO 3-Piece Luggage Set ensures great sturdiness, style, and aesthetics – thanks to its double-layered ABS construction. It’s not only resistant to water but also tears, dents, scratches, and all the harsh travel conditions.

Hi, I am Terry Alvin. I have 4+ years of experience in traveling segments. I have traveled to around 80+ countries. My experience will help you a lot in choosing the right essentials for your travel. Thank you!

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